Potential testnet miner relocation

We may have an opportunity to relocate one of the donated testnet miners, John Davies has offered to run the miner on testnet with zero electricity cost, as he is ‘happy’ to cover the cost.
I would like to put this to the community to decide what to do with this miner.

Option 1. send the miner to John Davies, pay me for shipping cost. (Not determined as i dont have his address) uk to usa

Option 2. continue to cover my electricity costs, administration is free.

I think he should’ve spoke up at the time this was being planned if he wanted to run it for free.

I think he is banned from the forum.

Lol. Well if he’s committing to run in on testnet for a year plus then it’s hard for anyone to argue with that.

Yeah, i think we need to unban him to see what hes got to say.

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