Out of video memory - GrinGoldMiner

My Rig.

2 x 1070 Ti & 4 x 1070. GrinGoldMiner seems to only be able to start 3 cards, 2 x 1070 Ti & 1 x 1070. The other cards get an error “Out of video memory! Only 7121587404 free”

1070 Ti - 3.13 gps
1070 Ti - 3.13 gps
1070 - 2.75 gps

4.00 GB Ram
30 GB Virtual memory
Intel Celeron G3930 @ 2.90GHz

Any thoughts?

what is your card memory multiply x number of cards set as virtual memory I think you have set low

So 8gb * 6 = 48gb of virtual memory? Also, on grinmint I’m not seeing primary or primary average hashrate reported and it looks like the graph hits 0 consistently.

Will any of the available Grin mining software devs please, please, please add compatibility for 4GB cards? Lots of us have older, 4-6GB cards… and would love to participate in supporting this amazing project.