On dual PoW, Graph rates, gps, and Difficulty

You can’t mine cuckatoo31 in less than 11 GB with current miners.

I understand that, but the outcome of C31 is still fairly low compare with what’s in theory.

Does the C31 premium apply when mining in a pool or the pools weigh the shares in a way that neutralizes it?

I believe that depends entirely on the pool operator. Great question that one should ask before attaching oneself as a C31+ miner to a pool.

So how about this miner? https://forum.grin.mw/t/miner-for-amd-nvidia-4g-6g-8g-10g-gpu-from-minerbabe/2184

They shows some performance for 1070 and other 8 Gb cards on C31.

Right, so let’s speak about the grinmint, mwgrinpool and grin-pool. I think these pools are the most open and the people behind them did a lot for the community. @quentinlesceller @bladedoyle @hendi, can you tell something about it?

my rig has 11.111887183910236GPS when mining C31, but the outcome is way lower than mining C29.

Which pool do you use?

tried with both f2pool and grinmint

yep, try to change the pool. I believe that MWGrinPool is better for C31 algo, Grinmint is better for C29 algo. At least the hashrate numbers at the pool side looks more reliable.

Are you all using RTX 2080Ti or 1080 Ti for C31 ?
Has anzone tried AMD Radeon Pro or the NVIDIA quadro cards (p5000 p6000) ?

Is there a page that we can see difficulty history and current statistics else from this one https://grin-pool.org/what-to-mine/ etc? Sorry I searched first but came to nothing.

@Fredrik, I normally use www.coinmarketcap.com but they just started tracking grin so you will need to add 2 weeks of data. Refer to https://grinexplorer.net/ in the meantime,

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Don’t use the workstation cards unless you have money to burn.

If you are looking for AMD cards, I would suggest the following:

  1. Sapphire RX570 16gb $399 (~0.45gps CT31)
  2. AMD or Sapphire Radeon VII $699 (~1gps CT31)

Radeon VII will be in very short supply but Vega 64 16gb offers similar performance because it has 4 more CU.

@valarray, my 1gps estimate is based on results from a Vega FE which is basically the same as Vega 64. Radeon VII will be using a faster clock but has 4 less CU. Also note that 16gb has better solving fidelity than 11gb so the 1gps is normalized to 1.4 gps when comparing to nvidia 11gb or you can derate nvida=ia by 30% to compare apples to apples.

Ask me next week when I run it on a real R7. the real challenge is to get your hands on enough Radeon VII’s. It’s a built by AMD board so supply is very limited.

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Im thinking about starting with RX570 s. But Will change to Radeon VII s. 1 per card is fat. Have you heard when pre orders of them starts? Will start to harazz sapphire this week.

The fidelity advantage will disappear when I have a chance to fix some remaining bugs in my 10.5 GB C31 solver…

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I think GPU cuckatoo31 mining is dead ASICS are already on the network. The company’s are mining right now with the ASICS, look at the Primary hashrate. Absolutely no way millions of people are using cards with 1-2Gps to mine grin even if they have a rig. My belief is finding the best graph rates for C29 and reducing the difficulty for the secondary hashrate to make Network transactions solve faster. Better hardware, not more.

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Wait… current AT31 hash rate is slightly less then 100k g/s. Where do you see millions here?
AR29 hash is at 1.1M. Roughly estimate there are 110k GPUs on AT31 and 200-250k on C29. Both not non-realistic imao.

  1. How is it dead when out of all GPU PoW coins, C31 is currently the most profitable algo to mine for high end cards, eg 1080ti, 2080ti. I’d expect any GPU farm with high end cards to be mining C31
  2. Cuckatoo31 is an Asic friendly algo, so it’s very much alive if Asics are mining it. If no Asics tapped out then it would be closer to dead.