OKEx Delists Monero, Zcash: FATF Overreach

The FATF “travel rule” which essentially disallows user privacy when transferring funds out of exchanges has caused OKEx to delist privacy coins.

I expect this to be a common occurrence moving forward. There will be a war on privacy-oriented cryptos. Better infrastructure will be needed for adoption. GRIN needs to keep this in mind. Better UX, better TX experience, better DEX/swap capabilities, better wallets, etc… There is an opportunity to beat Monero/Zcash in these areas, as they rely heavily on centralized exchanges.

DEXs, atomic swaps and P2P wallet enablement will become more important for privacy coins. I am concerned GRIN won’t be considered for many listings because FATF is beginning to infringe on many Asian/EU exchanges. If Binance gets FATF heat, wave goodbye to a listing.

Any thoughts on this?


Atomic swaps are of utmost importance.


Confidentiality is good for scammers, but if you are anonymous, then from a psychological point of view, it’s not difficult for you to conduct transactions, but in fact you are not so much anonymous, as you think.
Sorry for my English

It is good for anyone who wants nothing to do with big brother’s omnipresent watchful eye, including scammers.

Are you talking about public opinion and the assessment of society as a whole?
I just do not understand English well.

Privacy is not just for scammers, it is a basic human right.


Yes, there isn’t much difference, that public opinion, that the evaluation of society, should not focus on this.