Off topic - Hobbies

I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a truly off topic thread here, but I’m not aware of them ever having been disallowed or discouraged and I felt like starting one.

What are you guys enjoying for fun aside from Grin?

I got back into motorcycles, dirt bikes, which I used to ride as a teenager. A lot of other people did too in recent years and used bike prices went crazy along with everything else outdoors. But I still had the old bike I abandoned as a teenager and I’m enjoying fixing it up as much as riding it too. After being interested in cars and getting disillusioned with them it’s so refreshing to work on a machine where I can do everything with my hands, no lifts, no heavy equipment, and so many little things to tune and improve without the need for expensive aftermarket parts.


I like to play games, i don’t know what a life without a computer is :slight_smile:

I like to play sports, specially basketball; funny anecdote: I learnt how to code after a bad injury :basketball:

Biking, hiking and lift weight… and of course, read books.

I used to play a lot of counter strike as a teenager (I was one of the few Condition Zero players) and had a second wind of gaming when I built my own computer for the first time in 2012, 3570k + 680!

Then I enjoyed Battlefield 3 and Far Cry 3 a lot then, and going back to play Far Cry and Crysis.

I have trouble really getting back into gaming these days, but sometimes like Far Cry 5 and any Gran Turismo I can manage to get into it for a campaign.

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I’ve played a ton of cs 1.6, now mostly valorant or some mmorpg

I could never get used to 1.6 even though it was more popular, CZ had a looser accuracy and it kind of leveled the playing field.

I used to play Unreal Tournament 2003 and participate in european non professional contest. We even won. That was a lifetime ago though. Even longer ago I loved to play Warhammer and a cart game called magic the gathering

More recently I like(d) to practice martial arts and parkour.


Been a pretty avid counter strike individual myself, starting with 1.6 back in the day, then GO more recently. My friends got me into Overwatch though, and I haven’t looked back since :joy:

I think there’s supposed to be a new counter-strike coming out in the next few months though; will definitely check it out.

Other than that, I’m interested in renewable energy and sustainable agriculture. I have a photovoltaic certification and plan to explore the latter at an opportune time in the future.

DIY electrical work is borderline a hobby for me. It’s really satisfying to unlock an understanding of the split phase power we use in north american residential.

I find solar very interesting but have become a bit of a contrarian on the subject especially in regards to the fairness of concepts like net metering. It makes intuitive sense at first but when you actually look at the economics it’s a bit unfair to exchange retail rate on both import and export and the end result is that solar programs like we have in California causing a cost shift and increasing burden on non solar customers. I should be careful though because this is a hobby thread and I am getting into the political part…

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No worries, all good. California certainly has a heavily regulated market in regards to solar, but also a lot of exploitative “leasing” from companies like SolarCity. In this state, (east coast), leasing is not available, and it’s kind of in a stagnant market in regards to tax credits and cost-benefit versus nuclear.

My hope is that the market continues expanding, but in a smart direction that would allow free enterprise and competition to drive down costs etc.

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I enjoy playing games on my PS4, mostly RPGs and some FPS. My favorite game to play is poker which I play semi-professionally.

I also enjoy weightlifting in my spare time and enjoy reading manga.

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Swimming mostly, some weightlifting in spare times and movies. I used to play resident evil game at PS.
I did some boxing stuff, quitted after family life.

Where do you swim? I love it too.

I have an above ground pool and taking care of it is itself a hobby, but it’s not that great for actual swimming it’s only 5 meters across so the most you can do is strap yourself to a bungle cord and swim in place lol.

I’m jogging daily and sometimes DOTA 2

Sea. Salty water certainly makes difference. And the beach for sure. But pool is a luxury if you live in big city far from seaside.

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Who will help me after summer season work for a new hobbie? I want to learn Rust programming language. I will be back from work during September. So I would like to start lessons in October. If anyone is interested in giving me lessons online and getting paid accordingly in grin I would be very interested. Btw my hobby for many years is vynil collection.


As for learning Rust, you don’t need to hire anyone. The online Rust book is a great resource even for the earliest beginners:

If you struggle with any part of the book, ask a question in these forums or feel free to DM me for help :slight_smile: