No More Alice, Bob and Charlie & One Click is Enough

Hi Grinners, :grin::grin::grin:

I believe there always are three names, Alice :woman_red_haired:, Bob :boy:, and Charlie :frowning_man: in your brain when sending GRIN to others.

Today I want to introduce a new method of sending GRIN, which is simple, safe and swift, also easy to learn. If you succeed, please leave a thumbs-up under this thread! Btw, Vite wallet is supporting the other two ways of the GRIN transaction at the same time.

Please download a mobile wallet called Vite wallet first, here is the downloading link: . It is working well even though it is a beta version at present.
Official version for GRIN mobile wallet: Vite wallet

  1. Open the first tab and click the icon of GRIN. You will see an interface like the below picture.

  2. Please click “Transfer” and it has three ways showing up. And we choose “Use Vite Address”.

  3. After clicking “Use Vite Address” you will see the below interface and requiring you to enter the target’s VITE address on Recipient. And you enter his VITE address or scan the QR code of his VITE address.

  4. Then enter the amount you want to send to the target and the fee will be automatically calculated. At last, you click “Confirm” and a transaction is finished!


No other things involved in this progress, what you need is a Vite wallet! The most important thing for GRIN is about anonymity. By sending GRIN via VITE address, all you need is simply a VITE address, no WhatsApp contact info, no email address and no personal or private information required!

Our team takes like four months to make it support GRIN transaction. We really want to contribute our efforts to GRIN community. And we did it! If you think our work is great after using Vite wallet, please leave a thumbs-up under this thread. A compliment is always comforting.

If you have good suggestions or any feedback after using it please also leave them here, because I really want to hear them!


If you want to donate, here is the address:

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How does VITE address work? Here is the principle: A user-friendly mobile wallet for GRIN is going to be released - Vite Wallet

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About Vite Wallet:


Vite Forum:





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If you have any problem, please leave a message under this thread.

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Looks cool. When I get someone to send some to, I’ll check it out. Thanks.
(don’t know anyone but myself that’s even heard of GRIN :slight_smile:


:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Must try it! Because it is so easy to send GRIN. :joy:


Hi guys, the official mobile wallet is available in App Store. Here is the download link:

Will this be a standard? I don’t like the fact that all wallets use different protocols for sending grin. How many do we have now? File, http, grinbox, vite, grin purse addresses, what more?
To get a network effect going we need a standard. What happens when we get new versions for all these different protocols? You will never be able to write a wallet that supports all of them.
I think not defining the transaction protocol was a big mistake.

Hi there, I can not agree with this point any more. And our team is trying hard to convince more mining pools and exchanges that support GRIN to use VITE address for our users as a standard. Because it is so easy to complete one GRIN transaction and safe at the same time. VITE address does not requires anything but an app, you can always change an app on your mobile, so your personal info about your email address or social media has no possibility to be known by others in this way. BTW, your words really mean a lot to our team! And I want you to join us to appeal more users to support VITE address.