New sapphire 16gb miner announced just for GRIN!

[ AMD GPU just for GRIN, “BCH is DEAD”, Litecoin Lightning, Bitmex f…

If this actually happens and the card is marketed “for Grin”, that’s huge.


For sure, im also impressed Sapphire is investing into mining when virtually every other company is running from it ballsy haha

When the blind follow the blind, they will fall into a ditch. All these spineless corporations dwell in tiny cages—the fiscal quarter.


You mean Nvidia, lol that is one huge company that is worth 80 BN. at the turn of the century 2000 the stock was worth 2-3 dollars, today 134 dollars lol

a whooping 13500 % increase! Gaming is hardly going away, they will have to regroup and develop something new!

Sure it was over 270 - 300, compare that to us crypto nerds that loose 96% percent in one year, days with - 50 % or + 50 %.

hardly going into a cage.

Sapphire technology is another major player, it is impossible to know how much profits or market cap they have as they are a private company, smart! no need to disclose their coffers! probably worth even more than NVIDIA.

it us Griners and Bitcoiners that are completely nuts! Living in something that is way worse than a bubble blowing smoke… it is insanity!

No doubt, Nvidia is super rich. And the truth is, they employ throngs of visionary engineers and savvy business people, the majority of whom are far more informed than my misplaced zeal. They will be on the scene and calling shots for some time to come, especially when the AI superpowers (which they are one) start to really distance themselves from the herd.

Besides, proof of work is brutish anyway. My Nvidia card kicks out so much heat and electromagnetic radiation that “I think I got the black lung Pop”. Mining is hard. I’m sitting here nervously drinking red bull after red bull, neurotically checking the price of grin and calculating how little money I’m making, wishing I could just use my card to play games instead and drown my sorrows by vicariously living in discretely limited universes that far inferior to the one that I was born into.

I hope sapphire does make their card, and lots of people buy it, only to, in 2 years, add them to the ever growing heap of obsolete computer parts.

Good day!

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That is fucked up man! It dont even pay for the redbulls!

Hehe. I think we are to simple men. We rely on some designs that some engineers come up with, a production unit starts manufacturing and we are then buying the cards from 2nd or 3rd middle man. Everyone along the way does not strive to make the world a better place, or cares for the end users whatsoever.

It’s only profit seeking and greed, fuck do they care about an decentralized easy cash economy or right to individual freedom and privacy. Do they care to make the unbanked Africans gain wealth and actually get paid for their mineral wealth deposits? Fuck no they don’t!

People like yourself and others should unite and foresee and bypass those “talented engineers” its political and self appointed monopoly middle men. Its a posion.

I dont even want to know how these people consume mother nature, lobby politicians and Explore human kind, nature and mineral deposits! Directly or in directly they are guilty and communist anti market scum posing in the name of capitalism.

The worst capitalists are pure Socialist protectionist scum. They never want others to succeed or be able to challenge their position of corruption and monopoly. They are willing to kill for it. Full control is their motto.

A chips built by miners for miners and for a better purpose would smash their outputs. Everything don’t have to be economic profit all the time.

I’m sick of the globalization and exploitation of all.

It has to start somewhere, the system need to be disrupted and crypto is one of our chances to do something different that they cannot stop. It is not anarchy! It’s freedom. Now fuck listening to people who get buy in this world easy. They have all to loose, nothing to win. So they slow us down, dead float timber

Look at that self appointed Aussie guy Craig! What a complete wanker. Is that how we will become when we have some cash in hand?

I got my money now. Look at my watches and toys etc! I don’t care about anyone else now I’ve made it myself.

Fat fuck cunt mentality. He’s bragging and bashing people. But hey for me he is still one of those fucking guys who has an Asian wife and has chosen to live in London of all places! don’t take offense but you know what I’m speaking about right!?! An Asian wife is a hooker! And London is one of the worlds absolute shitholes! Is as simple as that, it is a fact!. That man will eat and or drink himself to death time will tell. In the time being fuck him!

He see us all like losers. Because he has money! It’s ridiculous that we let people like this disrespectful walk our streets. Talk to our children and be a role model.

Don’t think for a second that Nvidia and alikes would roll out a more efficient better system if they could. It’s all about who is who and who is to make what. Cockroaches and cunts are in every corner nowadays

Let’s hope Grin will disrupt the whole fucking thing. Send the bitcoin up their you know what.

For me Grin is something I could dedicate my life towards. But I also want to make it pave pay my way so I can achieve more and more. Get better and better and not worse as a human.

We need foots on the ground and development. Anyone that do something special for GRIN can have more of a share of mining profits to keep going. We need something that set us apart.

Lets work to murder that BSV and other shitcoins. BSV designed in Shitface and made in CHINA. Vomit

Please try to be less aggressive I’m not sure it adds to the conversation and may make some people uncomfortable.

On another note I cant find it now but there is another manufacture with a 16gb card announced for grin $100 cheaper. just announced.


Yeah well, you write well. Consider joining the designers on Grin/design. We need this.

Come talk about this on the thread “Privacy does not matter.” It is not meant to be incendiary. It is creative research. Come share your views pls.