New competitor Grin and Beam

I’ll just leave it here and take a look, I want to say that they have done everything very nicely.

I think it’s time for grin to be aggressive and make a better wallet than BEAM

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Agreed. Community keeps begging for a GUI wallet from core. Maybe one day.

Not really. It’s a digital collectible, not money. So not a competitor to Grin.

But nicely done. Merge mining - interesting choice


But we have a kickass wallet IMO, Grin ++…:thinking:
And possibly Niffler, which is also liked by many.
I tried IronBelly on Android and it works fine except that QR codes are not yet supported on the android version, althoug working on iOS.
To be honest I do not care if these are official wallets or not as long as the User Experience is good. Sure, one step transactions by scanning a QR code and doing the sending, signing and processing of transaction and responce files in the back would improve User Experience but I would say the ease of use is currently 80-90% of any other coin with the bonus that you cannot send Grin to a faulty address.


I don’t know if you can really compare this to Grin, but seems a nice project at first sight. (did not research really good tho)

this project is currently worse than Beam but better than Grin
investors will not understand such a complex wallet.

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