Mining grin with cuckatoo31

i have the version of Grin-Miner version 1.0.2 (git v1.0.2-14-g143db3b), built for x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu by using rustc 1.33.0 (2aa4c46cf 2019-02-28). I’m strolling on Debian GNU/Linux 9.eight (stretch).

I’m going for walks on a computer with four GPUs, each with about 15 GB of memory. I’m therefore jogging the Cuckatoo31 set of rules. that is giving me about 12 GPS in total. I’m the use of the nicehash mining pool to mine

but, after approximately 12 hours, I see not anything within the log documents or on the nicehash interface with both rejected or prevalent stocks. Why do I see no widely wide-spread or rejected stocks at this point?

right here’s some parts of the mining output (bits redacted) that become logged about 10 mins after starting the procedure

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Well hello there, nice translator you got there! LOL

But seriously, try this miner form @Lolliedieb :

he said is probable that he’ll add 16GB support… so hang tight!

Anything better than this? as this is very complex :confused:

linux: bminer (for nvidia), ggm for amd

Hi folks,

Does anyone know what miner & OS allows for cuckatoo31 for Vega 64?

Try searching this forum for amd or vega or lolminer

Hey, If you are trying to mine C31, miners have had no trouble using Bminer or Gminer with

Currently mining C31 with cards I have over 10GB.

For which type of card?
And which miners you tried - in case you did run into trouble can you describe your problem a bit more detailed?

What? This sounds like a scam

my 1070 ti and 1080 gives out of memory error. some say c31 only works on windows 7 for 8gb cards? jiofi.local.html snaptube for pc

Cuckatoo31 is no longer active on Grin. It completed its phase-out in August.

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thanx for sharing information.