Miner stuck in "Starting miner awaiting first graph time"

Compiled grin and grin-miner in a macbook pro 2015.

The miner is able to connect to the server.
Last message sent is “Get new job”,
Last message received: “accepted : 0, rejected : 0, stale : 0”
Mining status stays as “Starting miner awaiting first graph time…”.

The server gui displays the miner as connected. The miner though doesn’t display any device on Mining Devices. I have tried “mean_cpu”, “mean_compat_cpu” and “lean_cpu” as filter type.

Sorry, I had the wrong path for plugins. But not sure how to delete this topic

Better to not delete topic. Others with the same problem could be helped by this. Thanks for posting it!

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I am having the same issue as @luke. I compiled the grin and grin-miner both in release mode.

I modified the grin.toml plugin path to: target/release/plugin and mining status is still “Starting miner awaiting first graph time”

How long should I be waiting the first time round, running with lean_cpu plugin?

I’m having the same issue as @luke and @ricagav.

@ricagav, were you able to solve the issue?

Miner is running on the same machine as the node, so the grin-miner.toml defaults should be sufficient. However, the grin node switches immediately from “true” to “false” under the “Connected” column and the ‘Last Seen’ time doesn’t update.

Did you two uncomment the #miner_plugin_dir = “target/debug/plugins” line in grin-miner.toml? Doing that didn’t work for me, neither did “target/release/plugins”, nor trying to use lean_cpu or mean_cpu.

Realized I just opened an issue for what appears to be the same problem.

That is the error I receive when my miner goes straight from connected true to false.

Got it all figured out… just needed to pull most recent versions of both miner and grin from master branches.

Just to clarify in case you’re a n00b like me :slight_smile:

This is the “missing field ‘job_id’” error, here: missing field "job_id" · Issue #1249 · mimblewimble/grin · GitHub
You should be able to see that error in your grin-miner.log file

To get your files updated to the main branch go to your grin node directory and enter:

git checkout master


cargo build --release

And you should be set.

Thanks to @bladedoyle and @beaver_tooth

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