Mimblewimble Defi and Confidential assets

i saw a medium post about Beam s Defi and Confidental assets…What do you think about it?

How far we are from those subjects?

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In my opinion crypto supporting zksnark’s such as Zcoin, Horizen (ZEN) are more suitable for asset management in a privat way. Grin should in my opinion focus on what it is doing now, being a minimal, privacy currency for day to day life. Therefor ease of use is very important for Grin since its focus is to be used for payments opposed to many altcoins with many features distracting from their use and suitability as money.
If at some points assets mannagement could be added fine, as long as it would not bloat the chain and distract from Grins real mission which goes back to that of Bitcoin:

"Electronic transactions for all.
Without censorship or restrictions.

Grin is designed for the decades to come, not just tomorrow. Grin wants to be usable by everyone — regardless of borders, culture, skills or access."

If more functions would be added, I would be more interested in some form of privat chat over the TOR network with some extra obfuscation of the origin using Dandelion. So not on chain since this would be wasting space on the blockchain.
Sorry, I know this does not answer your question. Technically the same thing could be implemented on Grin, but that would require breaking consensus


yes,minimal ,private currency…

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