“Lightning is at best a settlement network”

10% technical failure rates for transactions seems ridiculous to me and basically suggests that lightning is broken or at least unsuitable for it’s designated task


It makes me think that people should just skip Lightning and go straight to e-cash systems like Fedimint or Cashu.

Just because the tech is still young and developing, lets not discard it. I do believe interactive crypto, Grin and Lightning are the future. It is however unfortunate to see that lightning still has so many issues. And it is even more painful to realize that most issues are so easily solved using centralized solutions. Most problems I have seen with lightening payments not working in real life is because people run their own node and have issues with their own node and only realize when they want to pay. This can however easily be solved with software, think of a phone APP that monitors your Bitcoin Lightening node or simply using backup nodes from friends in case there is trouble. So it is mostly a matter of letting the technology mature.


Lightening works fine. Use app such as Phoenix wallet, Wallet of Satoshi for Android, or Blue Wallet for iOS for instant payment with no hiccups.