“Lightning is at best a settlement network”

10% technical failure rates for transactions seems ridiculous to me and basically suggests that lightning is broken or at least unsuitable for it’s designated task


It makes me think that people should just skip Lightning and go straight to e-cash systems like Fedimint or Cashu.

Just because the tech is still young and developing, lets not discard it. I do believe interactive crypto, Grin and Lightning are the future. It is however unfortunate to see that lightning still has so many issues. And it is even more painful to realize that most issues are so easily solved using centralized solutions. Most problems I have seen with lightening payments not working in real life is because people run their own node and have issues with their own node and only realize when they want to pay. This can however easily be solved with software, think of a phone APP that monitors your Bitcoin Lightening node or simply using backup nodes from friends in case there is trouble. So it is mostly a matter of letting the technology mature.


Lightening works fine. Use app such as Phoenix wallet, Wallet of Satoshi for Android, or Blue Wallet for iOS for instant payment with no hiccups.


ofc interactive payment will not work whether its Grin MW or Lightning
if one wants to post an address not associated with them and don’t want to be online and be sure after 10 days payment is possible to receive with high privacy in non custodian wallet they only have non interactive payment like Monero or Shielded Zcash

@i2pZ7812HTZV69 I do not understand what is your argumemt? With non-interactice transactions you also have to come online to check if a transaction came through. With Grin, if you would come online and your sender would have any channel to connect to you (Signal, Telegram, Nostr, email, private email like protonmsil, etc.), the moment you come online you would find the slatepack to your wallet there and you can accept the transaction. Only thing you need to wait for then is for the sender to come online to finalize. Is that to much of a requirement?..then ask them to send the mnemonic to the wallet, completely non-interactive😉

its not that even in non-interactive you still need to come online to check balance or if a transaction came through.
its that in non-interactive payment anyone can decide when they want to check his/her balance or if a particular transaction came through according to their time frame.
currently in grin their is no way to post a singular address(like crypto address in printed poster or t-shirt) where anyone can pay on it as they want but later the receiver can check in their wallet or full node (if they want to) whether they got any new payments with their old balances.
non-interactivity fungible money is a must for it to work in the long term.
grin should focus more on adding more privacy/anonymity while long term research and development on fully non-interactive payments.

@Anynomous their is a reason Monero is successful in the dark-nets markets and p2p circular economy
and when all things are considered both Monero, Shielded Zcash, Firo are all non-interactive cryptocurrencies

IMO Grin needs to be Grin, not try to duplicate Monero or Zcash. But for those who really like non-interactivity, we should implement grin vouchers at some point, which basically is a wallet you import, sweep and transfer to your own wallet. No need to change anything on the protocol level. Coinswap should bring grin privacy at a similar level of Monero, an opt-in for those who want even more privacy for their grin transactions.

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:+1: vouchers and coin-swaps will be a good development start :+1:

Payment Channels can be a solution for off-chain Atomic Swaps, so we can swap Grin with Bitcoin, Litecoin etc at LN.