A way for BTC Lightning to imitate slatepacks?

Lightning E-Vouchers


Interesting. This is why it is useful for Grinners to follow developments in Lightning and vise versa. We both have the same kind of challenges and advantages in using interactivity.
@trab Do you by any chance know a good channel/forum to stay informed or mingle in the discussion on Lightning network developments?


i keep up with bitcoin stuff mostly here https://stacker.news/

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Does Lightning even work properly?

I wonder if lightningnetwork will make GRIN slatepack usage more easy-going for people.


Hopefully it will make more people aware of and interested in interactive crypto. Now most people see commiting to an address/PubKeyHash as the default for crypto, it is time change that limited way of thinking. I feel like we are still scratching the suface of all the potential off interactive crypto with Grin.


To me, the creation of this at all tells us that people want a Slatepack style experience.

Of course the difference is just that Grin doesn’t have the level of speed that Lightning has. But a lot of people really don’t care about that. They just want to use Lightning as a more private way to send one-off BTC transactions.

And in walks Grin :slight_smile:


A simple typo and you lose your bike shed. If the simplest mistakes can have catastrophic consequences i would assume such system is inherently broken. Such projects have no right to exist, they are dangerous for users. I had my difficulties to see the benefits of interactivity but they are now crystal clear to me.