Is Keybase down?

Keybase is down for me. Wondering if other people face the same issue…

yep, i get “Couldn’t load all chat messages due to network connectivity. Retrying…”

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Seems due to expired certificate

Stupid of keybase to tweet about it but fail to mention it on their own website. Also, their download doesn’t even mention what version it is…

Only after you’ve installed the new version and start keybase, do you finally see this

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Hm i’ve not uninstalled the old version, just launched the new installer and it seems like it automatically updated the old keybase (or replaced, who knows). I’ve also not gotten that message about expired certificate authority. My old version was 6.2.3-20230928105938+eba57c1814 (had to run keybase version in powershell since i couldn’t find this info in the GUI).

When I open keybase, it always in hanging mode, unable to load.
I tried to re-install it several times but not better (i’m using win10).

Come back to TG, it works for everyone :slight_smile:

P.S. CC channel created by @Anynomous (Telegram: Contact @grin_CC_public) is non-active since October, cause only CC members can write here and most of them are afk since beginning :melting_face:


Only inactive there because I have no idea what it’s for :grin:

For me inactive since my burner phone that is connected to that account broke down.
@trab the idea is that if we want to discuss something as CC, e.g. should we put topics XYZ on the agenda, or how to proceed with all the lost miners, or anything else the CC wants to discuss basically, we discuss it in the public CC chat. So the purpose is to have the group for day to day CC chitchat, as well as announcements, public to the community.
Kind of funny that some in the community want to see everything the CC members chat about while being Maxis about their own privacy😅. Anyhow, I can live with it but it has its downsides such as the need to have a burner phone.

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Meetings is good place to do it :slight_smile:
So this channel is not active anymore as founder lost account, got it.
Last message left without an answer, seems like should be in agenda for next meeting then @Cobragrin

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