Ironbelly - Progress update thread (Sep - Dec 2020)

Hi everyone! It’s time for another small update!

While new 4.2.0 version of Ironbelly is rolling out to the stores, I wanted to share that it has full support of QR codes for send and receive using both Grin addresses and Slatepack. Also, QR codes are fully compatible with the new Grin++ Android wallet, so you should be able to transact between these two without problems!

Next stop is improving security and unlocking experience!
Stay tuned, cause we are running a marathon here, not a sprint :slight_smile:


The new version is a beautiful mobile wallet :blush:

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How cool is this?! :sunglasses:

Sending $Grin from @ironbellywallet (iOS) to Grin++ mobile( Android) using only QR codes! Grin/MW is so hard to use πŸ˜‰

β€” G R I N ツ (@grin_privacy) December 18, 2020

This is what I call usability!
What happens under the hood (magic) is irrelevant if sending receiving grin is as easy as scanning a QR code.
This user experience combined with great privacy and low transaction fees makes Grin ideal privacy cash, can’t wait to try this out :grin::mage:‍♂


Hi everyone! It’s time for another update!

Right now I’m polishing the new release, which you should see in the stores very soon. It’s rather a security/performance release and here is what it will bring:

  • Faster transitions between the screens
  • Initial sync should be faster as well
  • Password/mnemonic is not stored in the JavaScript state
  • Send transactions now has Kernel Excess field and link to GrinScan, so you can point it if there is a dispute regarding the transaction being sent or not
  • Paper Key screen is now protected by password
  • Code is finally completely migrated to TypeScript!

Right after this release hits the stores I will be preparing the next one - compatible with the upcoming hardfork. All users would need to update to it once hardfork is done.


Nice security improvements, will the new version also hit the Android store, or for now only iOS?

For Android as well.

Hi everyone!

Regarding the upcoming hardfork - Ironbelly 5.0.0 is in review on both App and Play stores, so you all should be able to get it very soon! No actions from users, who use the default Ironbelly node are required. For ones, who use their own nodes, please update them to v5.x to be able to continue use Ironbelly.

More info here: Network Upgrade 4! | Ironbelly | Grin mobile wallet.

P.S.: I’ve been trying to ship Dark mode within this update, but decided to do so as a part of the next update. But here is a sneak peek :slight_smile:


I keep all my grins in Ironbelly, it is a beautiful wallet.


Hi there! When will URL addresses get implemented to Ironbelly? Every exchange I use supports those only. thx

Supprise! There will never be any URL address support hereafter Hard Fork 4. Only tor and slatepack are supported.

Currently, only 1 exchange (and the trading volume is tiny, so bad) implements Tor/slatepack address.

Is there any reason to keep the wallet incompatible with exchanges? I’m new to Grin and it seems like a barrier…

I guess the dev team and core members do not care about exchanges. They believe either Grin users are not interested to withdraw or deposit Grins to exchanges OR exchanges can be ignored. They even do not make any Plan B for the following scenario. I’ve never seen any coin do this before.

Yes, there is. The Slatepack is just a superior way of achieving the same. It’s a well planned improvement over the old methods which had security/privacy problems. Slatepacks improve on both of these and it’s much better to get rid of the old methods because keeping them around adds complexity of maintaining the old flows which are really just bad practices that should be replaced. They also allow for a copy/paste of strings which should be the way to transact with exchanges because it makes it easier for the exchange as it bypasses any possible network issues during the transaction building process.

I suggest we move this conversation to some other place as this is for Ironbelly progress updates :+1:

Thanks for the reply! I think this conversation belongs here, since I installed the Ironbelly app for Android and would like to use it - but what you wrote implies there is currently no way for me to buy Grin & withdraw it under my custody. Why are exchanges not adopting the new standard? Is it beneficial to ignore their preferences?

It implies you can’t withdraw if the exchange didn’t implement the support, yes. Why they’re not adopting it is really a question for the exchanges. My guess would be that they didn’t want to be bothered by this prior to this last hard fork because the old methods were supported and they had the integration done on those methods. It’s also possible that the exchanges now have other issues due to the increased volume. The good thing is that once they do support it, the experience will be slightly different than with other coins, but it should work well. I think it is beneficial for both parties. Users get better security/privacy and exchanges should have much less problems.

So that means I will not be able to use Grin on Ironbelly anytime soon because no exchanges that I know of do support this format. That is unfortunate, hopefully will change in the future - until then, goodbye & good luck!


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Hi everyone!

I will start with some great news - Ironbelly has handled recent hardfork without any issues and I’m pretty happy about it! With this my funding period is closed and I’m grateful to Grin community for the trust and support. Right now Ironbelly is completely up to speed with the recent Grin updates on both Android and iOS, support addresses and slatepack, has improved security and slicker design!

Nevertheless, I plan to continue my work on Ironbelly and first on the roadmap will be features, I’ve already started to work on:

  • Dark Mode for both platforms
  • Introducing PIN code instead of a password
  • Easier onboarding process with ability to specify your own node before the initial sync.

I will create another topic to post updates regarding Ironbelly and will link it here.


Here is the new thread, where I will be posting updates regarding Ironbelly - Ironbelly Updates πŸ“±