Interesting that the trezor has a card slot. Iteresting to see where that goes with grin

I remember watching yeastplume’s video, where he says hardware wallets are going to be an issue. I wonder if Slush added the SD card slot to be ready for something like grin.

No. MicroSD slot is on Trezor for encrypted storage, not for keys. Trezor uses single seed stored on the SOC that can be used to generate any number of deterministic keys (see BIP32) for various purposes. I.e.

AFAIK, grin wallet is also BIP32 based:

So you don’t need SDcard slot on Trezor fot Grin. Both Trezor classic (without SD Card) and Trezor Model T (with SD Card slot) can be made to store Grin keys. You just need to implement this. I did talk to Trezor developers an they don’t have concrete plans to do that ATM. However, if Grin community wants to contribute the code they would definitely talk to any potential contributor.

Edit1: But it is likely true that SD card makes it more convenient because you can store TX information on the device to reduce startup time.

Edit2: Thinking about it more, it may be the case that adding SD card was also intended to enable features like these… I’ll clarify that in a week when I’m in Prague.


Wouldn’t that be dope?!

Cool thanks for sharing!

With the recent announcement of the 1TB microsd card I cant imagine a few megabyte one costing more than a few cents. I could even imagine paper disposable SD cards being a thing for handing off slate files.

Sneakernet concepts galore.

Edit: In another interview with yeastplume I learned he was previously a smart card developer. I have high hopes for ultraminimal grin wallets.

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Can you pls post a link to that yeastplume talk?

I’ll see if I can find it again.

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