Incoming hostile takeover of the Grin CC

The CC needs to sort out it’s problems asap. It’s truly remarkable to witness how the introduction of ordinals is currently reshaping the narrative surrounding Bitcoin right before our eyes. This unexpected shift took me by surprise. I have personally witnessed the transformation of Bitcoin’s narrative, transitioning from a payment system that lets you buy coffee to being regarded as digital gold. But the ordianls narrative is what I think they call a curve ball, absolutely caught me off guard. Still amazed by it. Even Saylor is open to the idea.

I’ve been following discussions in various spaces on Twitter, and it’s evident that some individuals discussing ordinals and selling/buying monkey JPEGs seem quite unhinged. As anticipated, there is also an influx of grifters and scammers in these discussions.

Two noteworthy phenomena are unfolding, although slightly different from what I’ve seen in the past. With the introduction of ordinals, it becomes challenging to argue that Bitcoin is digital gold, as Grin appears to be taking over that role. Surprisingly, there is no war between the Grin and Bitcoin communities; this shift is happening quietly. It’s truly fascinating to observe, considering the entertaining battles between the Ethereum and Bitcoin camps in the early days. Additionally, there is a significant influx of new individuals to Bitcoin, including scammers and other unscrupulous characters, which is expected to bring further chaos. It’s as if it’s a hostile takeover by the nft degenerates of the Bitcoin narrative, and community. Some are absolutely delighted at the toughts of toppling the Bitcoin narrative, and openly troll by creating jpegs of angry Bitcoiners and selling it.

My main concern is that Grin is about to make its mark on the world stage, and this forum is very likely to experience a tsunami of newcomers, fraudsters, beggars, and other unpredictable individuals in the coming months. If you’re currently struggling to manage a forum with low interaction and funding applications, how will you cope with the wave that is about to hit your shores?

I recall someone mentioning a million or so Grins a few months ago. If that still holds true, you will soon be responsible for controlling millions, potentially tens of millions of dollars in funding. Are you truly prepared for this? The funds you currently possess are insignificant, with people spending more on monkey pics than your entire budget. It’s crucial to leave the past behind and adopt a more professional and efficient approach. You are on the verge of entering the big leagues, so it’s time to step up your game.

Is this community ready for a hostile takeover?


Luckily CC doesn’t control grin protocol, OC does. I trust OC to stand firm on Grin’s features and purpose. The protection against arbitrary data storage was built in by design.

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nobody controls grin, anyone can fork it if they want. I don’t like the hate against CC, it’s similar to how OC received hate, it was unnecessary back then and it’s unnecessary now. It’s ok to say what you like/dislike about their decisions but being passive-aggressive doesn’t bring any value.

How long for? Did they not also have control of all the funds to start with!

Ordinals have shown us an attack vector against open protocols, and it must be taken seriously. They needed someone to build the ordinals protocol, but once that box was opened, the degenerates flood in. Once they are in, they( or who ever is behind the scenes)can take control of the narrative, then they can start to take over the protocol.

These guys are absolute savages. I went to sleep listening to one of their spaces, I woke up, and they were still on, howling and just talking absolute garbge.

Also, look at how they attack those they call bitcoin maxis, absolute non stop attacks in spaces, tweets, podcasts,… They even made collection’s attacking them.

A period of extreme growth would be quite concerning I agree. I just don’t think that Grin is as vulnerable to this kind of unintended use. AP and Igno were very conscious of the risks of arbitrary data and excluded it very deeply in mimblewimble and grin.

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There have been a couple of threads about ordinals on Grin.

Both contain more information about how this isn’t an issue for Grin.

But I do agree with this statement:

It’s a good idea to discuss some wargame scenarios about what happens when the money goes 10x overnight, etc.

I just don’t think any ordinal people would come to grin because it’s not possible on this tech.

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I’m not talking about ordinals on Grin. I’m talking about a hostile takeover of the Grin narrative, and later, protocol. It’s playing out now, infront of us to Bitcoin.

I agree, jpegs aren’t my main concern on Grin:

Not just war game it, fortify governance and positions so that we can’t have new council members and rules in a span of a few weeks.

Doesn’t have to be ordinal people. The defi guys are as crazy. What if someone builds a second layer protocol on Grin and now defi starts taking off. Then all of a sudden you have an ambitious lady who opens a washington based council called the Grin whatever council and they want x, and y upgrades. Then all the moon boys are calling for more democracy ( I’m not a fan) and faster changes, or who knows what.

Just because I did not see the ordinals coming dose not mean others also missed it, and just because I/we can’t see an attack of some sort on Grin coming doesn’t mean that there isn’t someone out there with bad intentions eyeing Grin up.


Just search on Twitter for Bitcoin maxi, or bitcoin maxi ordinals and see the garbage that comes out.

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You might want to reread the last point here No this, no that · mimblewimble/docs Wiki · GitHub. I hope people can stand behind CC much like they can behind OC. It’s too easy to forget that all these processes, meeting handling etc. takes their free time. Regardless of how much one loves Grin, these roles are almost always a burden because someone else could be doing them and you’d simply focus on something else. Sure, when we see things that could be improved, it’s best to voice them, but in general I’d prefer to see less hate. We’re all on the same boat here and it’s always better if we work together.

No drama™

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I haven’t seen any hate whatsoever in this thread. The OP is just saying that the CC should be ready for this kind of thing. That’s barely even critique lol

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You are the sort of attitude and mind set that will get rolled over when the degenerates train arrive. Also, the very thing I’m warning about.

So, me saying their positions should be fortified so they don’t get removed by a flood of degenerates is what you call hate ? :rofl::joy:

Look, sure the CC maid mistakes, but I don’t think it was deliberate. If the can justify the choices they made rationally, for instance, the miners, then you can’t really blame them for the outcome if it failed. Anyway, you are distracting from the main points.

:rofl:Exactly. Just wait for the moon boys to arrive. :joy::rofl:.

I don’t think this sort of comment, nor the hysterical laugh emojis is helpful. People are much less likely to hear out your thoughts when you have this tone

:rofl::joy::rofl::joy:. Im dying of laughter. You lot are like a bunch isolated humans, or one of those ancient civilizations that’s about to get inavded by the surrounding barbrains. We all know how that ends.

To me it seems like you’re so afraid of such scenario that you’re already getting rolled over just by thinking about it. The fact is that if grin succeeds then many grin users will be bad-mannered and you can’t prevent them from using a permissionless solution. So i suggest less drama and more work.

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it would be a pleasent surprise to meet new faces here for once. Grin is inclusive, so Barbarians would be welcomed too.



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Heh yeah, it wasn’t really targeted at this specific thread, hence why I said “in general”, but I should’ve made it more obvious my post was a more general comment regarding the sentiment lately.

The narrative of Bitcoin is not the reason it has 500bil mkt cap today, its because there is a lot of engineering put into it to make sure that it can be used as un-seizable money with a fixed supply. People trying to steer narrative IS adoption, Bitcoin maxi narrative for example is adoption which is rather new as far as I’m aware. There is only a risk of being involved for narrative purposes only, in which case you will surely see your model broken at some point. It is the mature thing to do to focus on security and user experience and not narratives built on lofty or weak assumptions.