Idea from the idea guy who can't code, but has ideas. Whitehat version of hostile mining scripts

I want to support grin with some hashing power, but the learning curve is too high, and I want to be able to virtue signal NOW not later.

So, that got me thinking. What if somebody who can code (not me, i’m a pleb, not a level 99 cyptomancer) took those malicious scripts, made them apparent to the user that their hash power would be going to grin, but all proceeds from their hash power would go directly to a charity of basket of charities?

I think it could incentivize internet users to use specific websites, who want to be as altruistic as possible when searching for dank memes and fake news. I mean, eth is going to fail soon, and that’s a lot of virtue signalling that’s going to need somewhere to go.

All shade throwing aside, I think it’s a good, marketable idea, to help spread grin, secure the network, and buy some ramen for hungry kiddos.

-Grumpy McGrumpenstein IV

Free idea, take it, it’s for le community de grin.