How to start grin-wallet automatically with batch script Windows


I’m trying to make a batch script in order to have automatic startup grin-wallet as soon as my Windows computer starts. I searched around many forums and got no success to input password when the wallet asks. For example my password is 123

echo 123 > 'D:\Grin_local\grin-wallet\grin-wallet.exe listen'

Thanks for you help.

What do you need it for?
In case of a power outage shutdown, indeed you would need something like you are attempting.
But in case of voluntary shutdown you could chose to use suspend (state stored in RAM) or hibernate (state stored on HD), in which case the wallet will resume when you switch on you computer.

I also looked into if it is possible to only put a specific APP in hibernation on a normal computer shutdown. I could not find a good solution, this is the closest one. You could give it a try:

Thanks for the reply. Actually, that Windows node is far away from my location and sometimes not stable and I’d like to make the wallet start automatically with the Windows startup. What prevents me here is how to input password automatically when the grin-wallet start…