How to add GRIN in any pool software?

need a pool for personal usage, any of public accessible pool software will be great - how to make this and is there someone who can help with, or even write guide for install?

ready to pay or just to know is there any problem that costs much more or maybe few interested there may contribute together as long as many interested…

Welcome to grin forum.

You want to run your own pool for mining grin, abd have your miners work only that pool?

Where have you looked for pool software?

Have you asked on grin/dev gitter channel?

Have you checked github?

yes, I made this all, no one answer, there quite enough open source solutions such as yiimp, nomp etc but still no resolved - the problem is just add this new algo to the pool… now will try to ask grin dev but I was think they present here…

Is it possible I saw some messages on grin-dev gitter about open source pool software?

If you received some answers there, you could post them here for others like yourself.

easiest is to run node at built-in pool mode, but it some laggy to run any pool yourself and you need to advise in advance about losses may occured of instable hashrate and these bugs - some kind of PPS vs PPLNS comparsion, so that mining with public pool may result much better…