Help us write an Exchange FAQ

We’ve been seeing a lot of requests from exchanges asking about integrations. Most are asking very similar questions. So I’ve made an attempt to put together a comprehensive FAQ based on some of those, that is available here:

Exchange FAQ

I’m going to be working on populating answers and wording to make it as easy as possible for an exchange to comprehend what Grin is about (and what it is not) and to hopefully help exchanges to help themselves with their integrations. Having answers to all these questions in a single place could probably be quite useful for other newcomers as well.

As you can see, this is very much a work in progress, and I could use your help with this! Feel free to contribute wherever you can. Structure is not final and is just a proposal.

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Thanks for putting this together Daniel! I made a couple of initial enhancements but most of the questions asked in this FAQ seem more like general interest questions so I am wondering whether we are going to end up duplicating effort across the wiki to answer the same questions. For example, there is also It would be nice to coalesce general interest questions (what is grin? link to mission statament. emission schedule? development details?) into a single FAQ, then provide HOWTO documents for:

  1. setting up Grin (useful to everybody including merchants and exchanges)
  2. transact (useful to everybody including merchants and exchanges)
  3. mining (useful to miners)

Great start, @lehnberg!

I suspect that interactive transactions will be a challenge for exchanges (from both an engineering and a UX perspective).

Have any exchanges who have asked about integrations thought this far down the road?

I struggled with this as well, @kargakis. I agree, there may be a lot of overlap and risk for redundancy. Something on the line of what you suggest makes a lot of sense to me. Still, I wouldn’t want to direct exchanges to some huge FAQ with a lot of (to them) non-relevant questions and info.

So as a first step, I opted to simply focus on the task at hand, which was “these are the questions exchanges need answer to, and it would be good to be able to direct them to an online location where they can find answers themselves”. From there, once we have this working, I think we can improve by consolidating, cross-linking, and structure the info in a more thought through way. This is probably needed across all our documentation.

@apv indeed, it’s not something that follows the conventional way of doing things, and comes with its own set of challenges (and opportunities). We’re working on solving some of these problems as part of vault713.

I personally haven’t had any discussion with exchanges about these challenges so far. It could be that those I’ve been in touch with are working on their own solutions, or that they’ve not yet considered the technical aspects of implementing grin transaction processing at scale in any greater detail.

Neat! Love the mission behind vault713. I’ll join the Gitter to follow along.

My guess is the latter, unfortunately. Most exchanges struggle with adding anything more complex than an ERC20 token. There’s a real opportunity for an exchange to (1) win the race to meaningful Grin liquidity and (2) to establish important UX norms.