Grin++ v0.7.4 Finalize Error

Hi @david,

Today I decided to try out the file method of receiving a GRIN payment from a mining pool (GrinMint).

  1. The file was received
  2. The transaction file was imported into Grin++
  3. Grin++ created the response file
  4. I selected the finalize button and selected the response file and clicked Finalize
  5. Received the following error message: Error occurred: undefined
  6. I then ticked Use GrinJoin (I have no idea what this is actually) and still received the same error

What am I doing wrong?

The sender must finalize, not the receiver. You’ll have to upload the response file to grinmint

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OK then, I will give that a shot. Thanks.

Looks like that worked. Thanks again. :grinning:

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“Undefined” is a pretty sweet error message.