Grin user experience in 2021

so this is based in mw and cant be chaged?

In MW both parties agree to a transaction with a signature, yes. This multisig between the parties was the main idea to get from regular Confidential Transactions to Mimblewimble.

if we look at from another prespective slatepack has its own benefits

From my latest experience withdrawing from is very smooth and straightforward. All I had to do was pasting in my wallet address and grin amount (and of course confirming with mail passcode, 2FA etc. but that’s not Grin specific). Less than a minute later coins are in my wallet. No need to use hedwig

Mimblewimble has these steps:

  1. sender sends data1 to receiver
  2. receiver takes data1, creates data2 and sends it to the sender
  3. sender takes data2, creates data3 which is a complete tx and broadcasts it

The time of when one party sends data to another is not important, if both are online then they can make these communications synchronously otherwise they just wait some time (eg. they can send data through mail).
Slatepack is just a standard of how these data packages look. It supports encryption, stores TOR address for possible synchronous communication etc, so it basically has only advantages imo and is therefore a great thing to have.
If you would like to reduce the steps (eg. from currently have to communicate twice to only once or even make it non-interactive) then you would need to find a way to do that. Kurt’s idea is afaik the best current attempt at having a 2-step txs but we are not sure it’s safe, for nitx i think there were some solutions, haven’t gone through them though

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