Grin supercomputer

I am interested in whether it is possible to make a supercomputer with smart contracts from Grin?

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Finally someone else is wondering this. This is my thing too.

We’ll pretty much require a side-chain with a link. Correct me if I’ve overlooked something.

I would like to say that if it is possible, it would be possible to come up with something new, for how much smart contracts store a lot of data in the blockchain for grin is not very good.
That if grin has temporary smart contracts, they will destroy themselves.

since grin is an experiment let’s experiment

In which way could it be used to make a super computer?
As far as I know only very simple contracts can be made, e.g. MultiSig. Although you can make many of those and their output have to be validated by miners, the operation itself to create the output is still done of chain, right?
Or am I misunderstanding what you are getting at :thinking:. Mining can in theory be used to make cool calculations, e.g. different optimal folding of proteins, but that would be by changing the mining algorithm to produce for example these optimal folds as Proof of Work, not via smart contracts.

If you would want to use miners to do cool calculations on side chains, I think Horizen ZEN might be an interesting project for you. Their node network is bigger and of higher quality (35871 high quality nodes) than Bitcoin and Ethereum combined and can potentially be used as a powerfull cloud computer. Horizen is now working towards easy and free implementations of side chains of any kind. The most powerfull one being zero knowledge contracts for companies, which would be really cool since you can proof contracts without showing any sensitive data on the chain itself.

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