Grin project managment campaign

Grin project managment campaign

As discussed on the Grin telegram chanel:

A new project shall be funded in order to develop and improve Grin utility such as:
1- Implementation of new ideas
2- Timeline / Roadmap
3- Team that is dedicated to implement all new ideas that have been voted for.
4- Marketing development and different Social media implementation

In order for this project to be accomplished we will be needing a team that is consists of:
1- Project manager
2- Finance representative
3- Developers that have contributed to the Mimble wimble technology before
4- Quality controller and test expert
5- Marketing manager
6- Social media expert
7- Community representative

The project shall have calender based Core team meetings once a week that discuss progress and intiate implementations.

The roles mentioned above are going to have the following resposibilities. Please be sure you are capable of taking resposibilities before applying:

1- Project manager:
Will be the lead of the project and implementation of timeline and roadmap. Deadlines will be available in order to keep the team in consistance working energy. The main tasks of the project manager would be to find the right resources needed to accomplish the project deadlines and project needs to move forward

2- Finance respresentative:
Will have the resposibility of keeping the cost of developing for as low as possible but still keeping the highest quality software experience. The main tasks of the finance representative would be to have control over the money/coins funded for the project and is responsible of sustaining a good economical calculation presented on monthly bases for the expenses used for each month and keep a track over the whole budget invested.

3- Developers:
Will have the responsibility of presenting mimble wimble technology for the Core team and confirm what ideas can be implemented and what changes need to be done in order to implent these ideas. The developers will also have the opportunity to share their ideas with the development team that should be found by the project manager and even have the possibility to wether to take an implementation process themselves or just navigate and explain how the process should work and what needs to be done to the development team.

4- Quality controller and test expert:
Will have the responsibility of controlling and creating different tests to check if the project development is applicable and is working to the highest quality needed.

5- Marketing manager:
Will have the resposibility over creating marketing advertisments and creating Kaos over the project development kriteria. The main tasks of the marketing manager is to deliver what Grin is and what grin is trying to accomplish in the incoming project in simple words to make it so easy for a non crypto investor to understand why Grin is needed and what make it unique. Marketing will include creating instagram posts, facebook posts, twitter and further more…

6- Social media expert
Will have the resposibility of creating and maintaining different accounts over different Social media platforms and keep these accounts up to date on daily basis and will even have to help the marketing manager to post the advertisments and create the different tasks needed by the marketing manager.

7- Community representative:
Will have the reposibility of communicating progress of the project and keep the community up to date with what is to be implemented and even communicate to the Core team community needs. Creating voting tasks for the community will be needed by community representative.

All the above roles will have to assure transperancy and nothing should be done without the involvment of the whole team in taking the discision.

I will start by saying that i would have the opportunity to lead this project as a project manager. I will share my Linkedin profile with you to assure transperancy and would need that all the other roles will have the same type of transperancy:

Thank you for caring about Grin.
Best regards
Ziyad Saeed

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Which ideas?

This might be only applicable for specific wallet implementation features or similar. Can’t have a roadmap for the protocol until changes are agreed on via RFCs.

I don’t necessarily disagree with having a team of people working on the protocol/wallets, but I think anyone managing such work would need to have the community trust and a very good overview of the protocol.

I think the marketing and such can be done by investors separately if they want to do it after buying bags of Grin (false positive promises would be called out by the community). We have a few resources that explain the main benefits of Grin that anyone can read and do marketing based on that. Building such resources also helps more people understand why Grin is interesting.

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This is vague. It sounds like it’s going to be about one sided transactions again which isn’t happening. Wallet functionality in Grin++ is already excellent and user friendly imo.

As far as marketing goes I don’t think that Grin needs it, Grin actually already has significant notoriety for its bona fides. If you go try advocating for grin online you will discover what Grin is up against, which is that it’s fundamentals run counter to preconceived notions and current market sentiment. Grin can only wait for the world to change around it.

I don’t want to be unsupportive of enthusiastic effort but it’s too unclear this way.

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Screenshot at 2022-02-19 16-02-56
Screenshot at 2022-02-19 16-08-41
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Thanks for the offer to help but no thanks. :face_vomiting:

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For his defence, I kinda provoked him :sweat_smile:


Hi @Ziyadsaeed91 Maybe you should join the biweekly Community Council meetings on KeyBase, see shedule. If you want to keep informed and contribute to the direction of Grin. For example, wishlist’s and roadmaps are being worked on. An overview of Grin project status can be found here, the website will soon go live.

Also some efforts have been made to collect and manage resources such as marketing material, although contributions here are very much welcome. Feel free to read up so you can find where you can contribute.