Grin Presentation

Hi all. I’m currently working on the presentation, I do not know how useful it is, but I hope it can quickly introduce people to the project and contribute to a wider distribution.
For now its a draft version v0.1, so let’s have a disscusion to create a candy from it.

PDF file on G Drive:

I will be glad if all not indifferent will participate in filling the content and structuring the information, because I am not particularly strong in the technical part of the project, and also more knowledgeable people can bring better information more accurately and briefly.

If you want to help, we can do the work here or in a separate telegram group:

Here’s a link to the document in figma, to leave comments in the work file, with a link to a specific location:

If you know figma and want to make changes manually, you can take a duplicate file from figma community (5 people already duplicated it ^_^):


Для любителей безопасности загружу слайды сюда:


Nice minimal design. This is the look that grin material should aim for in my opinion.

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I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be a material to learn Grin or presentation slides but either way, I think it’s a great idea. I’ll assume these are presentation slides for a talk and give a couple of comments:

  1. Mimblewimble does not have ‘W’ uppercase
  2. Slide 10 says “Non-interactive transactions”. We have Interactive transactions and not non-interactive.
  3. If these are presentation slides for a talk, then they have too much text on them. Here’s some pointers which includes the text content

I only skimmed very quickly, I have not read the content yet.


Updated. Tnx for qiuck notes.

I think it could be something like a quick intro to the project, with all sorts of main links to sites and articles for detailed research and joining the community.
Because it is difficult for ordinary users to understand and study the project on many resources, as it was for me.

From what I’ve done I don’t like the long text on the history of the project, it will probably need to be reworked


Nice work! I love the minimalist and sober design.


The design was charming, and it shows you put a serious effort into it! Well done for making it! I had some ideas about filling those Lorem Ipsum parts and adding some extra content in some parts:

Slide 2: Mentioning parts of monetary policy can fill 6th Lorem Ipsum.

Slide 4: Possibility of adding lightning network, layer 2 scaling for more transaction can be added in Lorem Ipsum.

Slide 6: Text under #Launch seems to be not updated. It can tell much about grin’s last HF in 2021 and the open road of next updates.

Slide 6: I also like mentioning somehow the story of leaving Igno from the project, “I am Ignotus” story and the reply in here:

Stories form a fundamental view of a project, and using the potential of them is necessary to attract newcomers.

Also slide 6: I very liked the background photo of Igno! :smiley:


Thank you for the work.
Can you quickly describe under which licence you will be publishing this, it at all?

I am asking, because perhaps we call could use it as a base to start our own presentations.

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All works that uploaded to figma community licensed by CC BY 4.0
So I would be glad if my work can be useful for you :pray:

You can find it here:

If you need some special slides or background you can copy from figma, or later I can prepare materials to made them ready for reuse in presentations.


Hey guys, I made some corrections to presentation.

Pdf: Grin Blockchain_v02.pdf - Google Drive

I still need your help to polish the text and context more thoroughly for some pages:
page 03 - description of What is Grin need to be more powerful as its on the first pages.
page 09 - need to explain mimblewimble tec on one page, so content also should be polished
page 10 - still need to explain how transaction processing works in mimblewimble in short way
page 11 - monetary policy was prolonged for 2 pages, need to have good text that explain benefits of grin emission
page 13 - how txs w/ slatepack works (I think I can do it by myself)
page 14 - good to collect useful links to deepest research


It would be cool to get a couple of custom illustrations of Ignotus and Tom Jedusor insteed this grained outliners

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You mean something like this? @cogscides


hello i just finished persian translate of grin presentation it need some work but i think it is good to share a it with you
big thanks to Nima M helped helped me and polished the file

This is the Figma for Persian Version
for PDF seems Forum does not support this Format i just put a link from Telegram


I would like to translate it too. Send me the form please.

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I think we’re being a little rushed with the translations. We need to approve the content and finish the presentation before we can start translating anything.
Some pages not finished at all.