Grin Pool Centralization Over 80%

I wrote an article explaining the issue. I will fight this problem to the end. All I want from the community is to spread this article everywhere. It’s not just our problem, it’s a general problem of exchanges, Ipollo, Nhash, developers, investors and miners.

Grin Network May Destroy Because of Chinese Miners


Old video explaining mining, pools and possible attacks.

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Because VIP pool makes thing easier for them to sell the rewards, correct? Am I missing something?


And a customer service that is online almost all the time。


The easier part was to support type transfers right, with a sort of payment proof in the memo?

Good support can make or break a pool, good job.

After the article I wrote yesterday, has turned off the pool’s APIs. At the moment, it is not seen how many miners and hashrate there are on the pool. Nothing is transparent. In this way, both the people reading the article and the miners on the pool are tried to be deceived.

After now, mining in this pool is nothing but a big mistake. Because they are trying with great effort to become a central power.
Also, most of the miners are in this pool because of Goblinpool was shut down. NOT BECAUSE OF POOL SUCCESS.
If you are looking for success, @xiaojay worked for this community, developed the Niffler wallet and gave his full support to Goblinpool and miners. To avoid decentralization, he increased the pool fee to 2.5% and never touched it. Success is here.
But @DQF you are a disgrace to this community. You can fool people, but you can’t fool me. I know very well what you are trying to do. You will lose according to game theory.

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某些人是假自由 控制矿池和言论 干掉异己份子 我通常叫他们塔利班
Some people are fake freedom to control mines and speech and kill dissidents. I usually call them the Taliban

your first post and it is sinister. Grin community is friendly and political neutral.

Because I seldom speak. Does your political neutrality include interference in the mine

guy mentioned many times it has 4 nodes Europe,Asia ,Usa,there is no centralization there,you are overreacting. Grin is more decentralized than many POW coins. @DQF is doing his best. Miners can choose whateve they want.

In fact, the things you trust often hurt you the most. Judging from the performance of GRIN community for so many years, I have given up over trusting them

So the main issue links back to the critical issue of Grin: there are so few exchanges that support Grin! Should CC do something about this issue?

I am quitting mining Grin since there is no easy way to withdraw Grin from a pool to an exchange.

Soon you can happily exchange Grin for BTC using Bisq :grinning:

Yes, we are working on some plans to make life easier for exchanges and users alike. Note that at the moment Grin can be perfectly exchange if a user withdraw to his/her own wallet and then to TradeOgre. We are however looking at some methods to make it possible for users to directly deposit to exchanges from their mining pool without transferring to their own wallet. A method that does not depend on a custom implementation like the one from, but one that would work universally.

Glad to hear that. I finally see some positive feedback about the complaints on lacking exchange support. Months ago, I see quite a few people here who thought that exchange was not that important.

I have another idea in mind. Ipollo can put an informative brochure inside the box of the G1 mini and G1s so that the Grin network is decentralized. In this way, everyone who buys the device is informed about the subject and acts accordingly.


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It is not a bad idea. We can discuss it with them, help them shape it. In a way there is already something like it. The secondary pool settings in the settings menu show the settings for mining on grinmint pool if I am not mistaken.

This is correct I can confirm this on G1-mini and G1 miners

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change to CPU or GPU mining. problem solved

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I remember DQF is the admin of the Goblins QQ group. Don’t they know each other :smiley:

Hello, I don’t understand why the value of the coin has been falling for 3 months in a row? I invested a lot of money in the equipment, buying a lot of mini miners. Answer: Will the project develop?