Grin ++ not generate response file

trying to get my grin off of sparkpool. I get the json from them. Click receive in grin ++ it takes the file and shows the transaction with no confirmations. However no .response file is generated for me to upload back to the pool to complete the transaction. Any help would be appreciated. thanks!

I haven’t used Grin++ wallet, so I can not help you there… :frowning: You need to generate a response file in order to finalize and broadcast the transaction.

I might suggest trying the Poloniex exchange, they accept both file and http transaction and its very easy! :slight_smile:

Hi @miinermel. Sorry you’re having issues. This is a really annoying latent bug that I just haven’t had time to track down yet (see: WALLET: Intermittently fails to create response files for some users · Issue #46 · GrinPlusPlus/GrinPlusPlus · GitHub). It’s a bit annoying, but you can actually pull the response json from the log file (%userprofile%/.GrinPP/MAINNET/NODE/LOGS/ui.log).

In the log, you’re looking for: {"status_code":200,"slate":<SLATE_JSON>}. The <SLATE_JSON> is a big chunk of json data containing amount, fee, id, commitments, signatures, bulletproof, etc. You’ll want to copy that to a new text file. That can be your response. I can help you with this if you still have issues. I’m in gitter and keybase, or also available on telegram at

An even easier solution is to just request a new slate from sparkpool and try again :slight_smile:


Is this still the case? I can’t find in the directory structure.
Logs has its own folder in MAINNET and the NODE directory has no LOGS folder. My receive address is also not green since receiving file, could this mean a log has not been generated? Odd that I can’t receive the response file again without diving into logs.