Grin node Win10 - does not start after possible computer reboot

Hello, Grin tech people.

I was running for the past few days with no problems - computer restarted a few times but the node started by itself with no problem

Today I could not start the node - cmd screen flashes with this error:

I noticed on Linux there are some commands to fix it - is there any equivalent in commands in Win10? files that I have to delete to get the node running again?

It’s hard to trace the error without the log, may you share your grin-server.log?

C:\Users\ user \ .grin\main

Try delete .api_secret first

deleting .api did not work.

I fix it by deleting the whole C:\Users\ user \ .grin*.* content and started new sync.

Sometimes I forget how light the ledger is - 1.7 GB… meh it will sync pretty fast.


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Thanks for pointing the log file - I look at it but I could not make to much of it. So I have deleted the whole .grin folder and started a new sync.