Grin node on rasoberry pi

I was able to run grin (node) on a raspberry pi.
This is a good set up since I only use the pi, a 16gb sd card and a 15w power supply.
No multi GB SSD drive, no high end internet connection.

Turns out the “cargo” tool builds the executable without any issues. Rust rocks!

I used an 8gb ram rpi4, but I believe even a 2gb ram rpi can run it.
I hope more people can run their node, so wallets like ironbelly can be used with people’s own nodes.

Here is the video I made

Pd: anyone know if there’s a date for grin software on HW ledger x?



Grin runs great on Raspberry Pi. 8GB versions does give a more smooth experience than 4 or 2 GB. I use the Raspberry Pi 400 (keyboard and Pi in one with some 20% performance boost).
Ledger support is there, but not official or reviewed yet, see status:


This is fantastic. A well put together tutorial, thank you.

Regarding Ledger, I believe that Nicholas Flamel has requested more money to continue the work and I don’t know what the outcome of that is yet.

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Awesome video, I like the scrolling text document touch.

Was wondering about this, and if anyone has tried setting up a Grin node on a cloud server.

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I believe it can be done. I would compile the binary in another linux machine though ( a machine with more resources, because the compilation is cpu intensive). I would try a 2 core 2 gb ram vps. That may cost from 5-10 usd/mo.
But I am only guessing.

My node runs on a vps - ubuntu 22. I use it for mining and as Grin wallet.

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Small warning, latest versions of Ubuntu run slow on Raspberry Pi and require additional tweaks to make it not too slow. If anyone has a particular good experience with a Linux flavor on the Pi that also does well compiling all grin binaries, please share it here.


Thank you for the detailed tutorial. I need to setup a node. Currently I have a Bitcoin node on micro PC (i5 based), so many free resources available. Grin is the way


Hi! Do you know how much hard drive space is required to run a node?

chain_data of prune node takes around 4GB, and chain_data of full archive node around 14GB.

1st time run: grin server config
This will generate a grin-server.toml file in the current directory. Edit file grin-server.toml, remove # before archive_mode = true

I imagine that this size grows as the blockchain grows too? If so, do you know by how much?

It took 5 years to get those sizes, you can multiple the years to estimate (I think)