Grin Mining Pool Profitability Comparison

Recently we have launched which provides, among others, an ongoing and representative comparison of the profitability of several large grin mining pools.

Compared to other mining pool benchmarks we actively mine on each pool at the same time, with similar hardware on a continuous basis. Our system tracks exactly how much hashrate was sent to each pool (accepted shares) as well as the balance evolution of our pool wallets. With the confirmed pool hashrate and balance increase we can calculate a normalized weekly income for each pool. To diminish the impact of pool luck on our results we use a long comparison time of 1 week. For more information check out the FAQ on our site.

Our results are updated on a 15 minute basis and available for the Cuckaroo29 and Cuckatoo31 PoW algorithm (see for the Cuckaroo29 results and for the Cuckatoo31 results).

Currently for Cuckaroo29 we have found the pool most profitable with a confirmed weekly income of 0.342 GRIN for each Graph/Second, sparkpool is a close second with a confirmed weekly income of 0.336 GRIN/GPS.

For Cuckatoo31 the results are similar with the pool being the most profitable pool with a confirmed weekly income of 2.244 GRIN/GPS. Sparkpool is again a close second with a confirmed weekly income of 2.208 GRIN/GPS.

If you have any questions or improvement suggestions please feel free to let us know.

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Good stuff! Can you add to the C29 and C31 comparisons?

Thank you for your feedback. Please contact us at or via DM here in order to get your pool added to the site.

According to Grin mint they are the most profitable:

That shows only a one time snapshot of the situation during which their pool was quite lucky (did find more block than they were supposed to given their hashrate). Our comparison shows an ongoing comparison that gets updated continuously.