Grin-miner CPU usage drops to 0% after 5 mins


After mining for about 5 minutes using cuckatoo_mean_compat_cpu miner, the CPU usage drops to 0%. The miner is still receiving new jobs from the server, but CPU usage remains at 0%.

What am I doing wrong?

same problem~ does anyone can reply this?

maybe this is caused by the miner is not stable. I am mining on T4 with 8700K CPU, if with 10 trhead configuration, the CPU miner will stop working in 5 mins, if with 4 thread (default), CPU miner will stop working in 10 mins.

Btwm sicne the pow used by grin is memory hard, the hashrate will not decrease much if I configure the thread number from 10 to 4( from 0.39 to 0.33).

update again:

I switch the miner to the following modes, seems everything is OK:

  1. with the release build, the thread number is set to 1, and launch 6 instances which are connected to the grin, run 1 hours, everything is OK.

  2. with the debug build, the thread number is set to 4, launch 1 instance, run 1 hour, every think is OK.

I am a cpp programer not rust. I suspect there is sth wrong with the thread code, also there is some difference between the debug and release build. Hope the community developer can check this. it’s easy to reproduce. I will try to file a bug on github.