Grin Logos for Community Consideration

@Askepios @0xb100d I made some logo comparisons, see below:

In general, I think this logo works really well, across board and in many different sizes and variations. Gives us a lot of flexibility. Since we’re talking about merchandise (I’ve been thinking about it as well btw, would both be cool and a nice little source of income for the dev fund!), it might make sense to ensure the yellow is print friendly and can be represented in the physical world well. Variation C above might possibly work better in that regards, but not sure I like it that much. I personally prefer a bit more “neon” in it (as A and B have). Or we could just say we’re ok that the logo will look different in web/digital and in print/physical, but I think that would be a missed opportunity to be consistent across board. Any thoughts?

if we’re talking a ‘Grin’ or ‘GRIN’ to go with the smiley face, I’d go for an extension of its curves and shapes—probably derived from the eyes.

I took a quick & dirty stab at a prototype of this, as below. Even if I absolutely suck at using the vector tool properly, and the letters I made stink, I think we could be on to something here. The G was derived from the mouth, the I from the M-eye and the N from the W-eye. With R being drawn up from the I.

Is there’s anyone who’s a bit better at free-form drawing, who would like to take a stab at making a version that actually looks good? :slight_smile:


Also, for good measure, here are some variations with traditional fonts: