Grin is more similar to gold than bitcoin (not saying grin is superior to bitcoin) in one important aspect that I can think of, that many have overlooked

To me, bitcoin is still digital gold no matter what, but hear me out about this one aspect.

Saifedean Ammous, author of ‘The Bitcoin Standard’ said that bitcoin is the first truly hard money. He says that gold isn’t as hard of a money as bitcoin, because bitcoin is strictly limited to 21 million, whereas with gold we do not actually even know the total amount of gold in the universe. Gold just gets harder and harder to find, more expensive to extract, and the new gold found is a smaller and smaller % of the total over time.

Bitcoin = Digital Gold

Litecoin = Digital Silver

Grin = Digital Money - an e-cash equivalent with private transactions, fixed emission rate, eternal pow blockchain, and BONUS: one of the most fair releases in the history of crypto. BONUS 2: MENACING ANCAP LOGO to spray paint on the wall if the world winds up going all 12 monkeys on us.

Edit: I wanted to add, that I think it’s a good thing that we can’t quite get at all the gold in the universe. I feel like having a strict upper limit to the amount of gold could cause problems if there were surges in demand. The way gold is spread about the universe ensures the potential fo meet future demand. That’s one component of grin I find to be valuable. Supply can always catch up to demand. I think one could even consider it a bitcoin extension that offers a built in economic disaster prevention mechanism, that mechanism being its ability to always catch up with any given quantitative amount of demand. Over supply in this regard, would not be an issue, because there are still the strictly limited 21 million total max bitcoin. Like I’ve said before, grin is a supplement to bitcoin, bitcoin and grin are symbiotic.


we do not actually even know the total amount of gold in the universe

Predicted number of dead stars * average stars gold production during its lifetime + the few dozen gold atom we have made in a lab

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they only produce gold when they die. during the “lifetime” only iron is produced.

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And not any star, only the big ones that die. The ones that can go supernova at the end of their life. This stuff is so cool.



There is a lot that agree now that it takes two of them (neutron stars) which then need to collide into each other and make another explosion. Only after all that do you get the gold.

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