Grin Fast send grins to phone, email, keybase etc.etc

Hey Friends,

We finished testing of grin service for standard people to received grins by sms, email or keybase ( in next week ).
We made service which help to promote grins among standard people which know only sms, email and can open simple webpage.
How it works ?
If you have grin-wallet working on your node you know how send grins … but we give you possibilty to use well know command in other way. Try …
grin-wallet send -d “” 0.1
where towho is

  • email
  • phone number +CCNNNNNNNNNN
  • keybase id - format keybaseid_yourid

after this command our service send email, sms or keybase chat with link and token to open webpage.

For ssl use where port changed from 1337 to 2337

On this webpage person which received grins needs write email or phone number ( on which received link - by email or sms) and have full control of sent grins. Can send to another email, phone or to keybase grin wallet and standard method.

Now service work on http and in next week we make a domain and https for webpage. We pay now for sms across the world. Web page for link in sms is under construction so try by email first. We will finish phone web tomorrow.

Any question and problem please contact here or by - grinfast

We do not think about create something like a money bank. We do not keep people grins. We create our service for the first step in a contact with grin. We always ask and force people to start node server and take their grins out of our server. Our service is for fast adoption of grin but not to us as like a bank.

Service is on i2p network too ! Address http://grinfast.i2p/i2pindex.html

Important information - you can not create account on our service by sign up. An account for email or phone number is created automatically in the moment of sending grins.

If someone wants to send us a bit of grin can use grin-wallet send -d “” 1.999

Have a fun and promote grins.
Grin Fast


That´s pretty advanced, isn´t it ?!
Can´t wait to try this thing.

Do you support

grin-wallet --floonet send -d “”

for risk-free testing?
(Perhaps email only to limit sms costs)

We tried on floonet for three days. But floonet has a problem with block creation and it’s make us and tester nervouse. So after created the first shape of the idea and 90 % of code we decided about mainnet. We still pay for sms to phones so we think that mainnet will be good at the momment. If you want we start again floonet server on Monday with this port which you suggest in your post. But I think that problem will be with floonet blocks creation. Breaks are about 12 hours …:hot_face:

It will be advanced. Now it is easy to use for people which don’t know cryptocurrency ( after moment when somebody send them grins to email or sms ). Backstage code is very complicated and connects my and my people experience in bitcoins stocks, lightning network, security protocols etc. etc. Maybe on Monday I will show how configure geti2p for connect your grin-wallet send command to our server. It is strong anonymous for grins senders. Try service and send your suggestion and problems. I see that a few person start sending sms by service so we today ( Sunday - free time ) make webpage for mobile phone works like our standard web ( in link of email ). We are still thinking about correct use keybase account ( like email and like keybase grin wallet ) - we have here two roads …


We return for you to floonet on Monday. But there is a problem with time of block creation. We don’t miners.

Sorry. No too much time on holiday time to make a job for return to floonet. But many change in our service. We add today for our user sponsor need button to put on webpages ( at the moment only without ssl ) . We return to floonet after holiday time. Two or three week.

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We are testing a system which helps find sponsors for our users. You can see it at work on Form is bad but we look at this moment for backstage of this and new possibility for system users and grin promotion. Have a fun with funny money. Grin Fast

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I will be on holidays to 8th August.

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That’s cool great :+1:

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Thanks. We still have a few problem with server. We must change computers for that project. But that after holiday. Best regards from Italy/

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It is my holiday time but the small towns in Italy was boring ( after ten visited ) so I killed a few mistakes in our code.

In sponsor part and at main send grin code.

Test and enjoy
Grin Fast


dude, eat some pizza, Italy is mainly about good food :smiley:
Try Naples :wink:

After return from holidays I finished sending grins in our service by all ways - email, phone, keybase, keybase address wallet, standard http:// wallet and by tx file and tx.response file. Could I ask you friends if put open ( without token ) input for generate tx file if someone wants send grins by file ? And second one for finalize transaction when we send someone our tx file ?

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I suggest in Italy ( Tuscany ) a nice place for holiday -
It is close to Sienna, Fiorence, Volterra, Piza etc. etc.
I think that people who work hard must spend holiday in good places.
Maybe they give you one bottle of wine more to the room for a bit of grin.
Enjoy !

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I made our service page to be good look.:joy:

Today we changed method of authentication in our service. Short url for webpage in sms, email or keybase and short period password. I think it is better than long token in url. In a few days we will go to https and standard domain. I will add today webpage at geti2p and will show how connect to it.


Ok. Let make our grinfast service more anonymous.
How use geti2p to connect with our service or how use grin-wallet to send by our service grins with full anonimous ?

Our service is available under i2p on address http://grinfast.i2p/i2pindex.html - we add i2p before file name. Remember about it when you recieved link and code on your sms, email or keybase.

For persons who never use i2p a bit of manual:

  1. install i2p from remember you need install java before.
  2. run i2p service (linux i2prouter start) ( windows Start i2p from menu )
  3. configure Firefox ( or other webbrowser) in Network Setting - Manual proxy - Server Proxy HTTP - port 4444 and Server proxy SSL - port 4444
  4. Open in Firefox url - http://grinfast.i2p/i2pindex.html

And now I show how use grin-wallet with i2p to send grins to our service !

  1. Start i2p service ( if you stoped it)
  2. Open in your Firefox page
  3. Find Hidden Service Manager ( if you can not find click I2P with colored balls on left top of the page )
  4. Find at the bottom of the page New Client Tunnel ( STANDARD ) and click Create
  5. Check Automatically start tunnel when router starts
  6. Access port - 1337 - but you can use some other.
  7. Destination - dvNVUWuGBhumXbj5zvlvw2-mICHh7enQ2A3wfwgzWrYr68RgvAcnXZBa3MnWkCX-RRTVSojj0VYmyQN9xg9ry2-8LTiYVlTXxj9~hDtKLMay~7lBdVQ6MwxIIlxrmLPj8-G9qSqnZxY4iL9D27-nKorCC0ExPQgS3RT6oSscSUaelSAAxk~HDIjXSTndUzGJ1URBxTsqNbE3yLBY5zxUN5Jp-vsWD8gUd00GnploKLrQ4zk7W5raBjOAf-sHZcD8KFRhbcyDIN8xlydlb-WPmr5ekGLmYf0Kkny3AElYwncmmn7YrE~6xVfakhuRX46iEFh5e2I-BZi23zmrqKAElWUe4GxLs9LE5TorWXNqMc2AQxteEsgIAYys1Tny70JSXnO-lF9LQ02wNdCNN4gsoofGeWYJ29-ep5kCxSDHwGRMeJsMGyyUIqw7AanSswEmqbJfhLOFIFcYMLIBdVRQshg39teAoaWEaDaECpK1htFK01qi6kZsJkcauG-BMJlzBQAEAAcAAA==
  8. You can try change this destination to grinfast.i2p - but the long address works better.
  9. Click Save at the bottom of the page
  10. Find this client tunnel ( red star helps ) on the list and click Start ( next time this tunnel will be start automaticlly )

Now you can send anonymous grin to somebody - grin-wallet send -d “” 1.999

I hope that it will be fun for someone !

Grin Fast


Does JRE no longer come separate from JDK? Do users all need the whole JDK these days? of course only JRE - sorry.