Grin Community Candidate for fund granting control : Alex PromoTeam

Based on Call for Grin Community Candidates for additional fund granting control I volunteer myself as a candidate for the new “Grin Community Council”.

My name is Alex , I am from Russia, I am founder and member of PromoTeam.

I am follower and supporter of Grin from the early beginnings and participate in mining of genesis block with other miners. Also participate in first Grin Moscow meetup.

PromoTeam - is decentralized international team with experience in different activities– community growing, business communications and strategy, promotion, advertising, mathematics, programming, entrepreneurship and others. Our main task to increase the value of the project and organically grow the community, develop new opportunities to collaborate with other projects and ecosystems, find more use cases.

We contribute for Polkadot, Cosmos and Grin Communities Here is some links connected to our Grin contributions:

Article about Grin -

Russian Grin community -

and other contributions and review of our activities:

I want to participate as Community candidate for fund granting control because I really think that Grin is one of the most important project in Crypto space, and I think its extremely undervalued. Our task is to let people know about it and see the beatify of it. I am professional in community growing and development, content creation and promotion. Hope that my skills can help to make right decisions to make Grin more useful and well known.

I and my teammates going to make more different activities and contributions.

I like this fund proposals, but ready to discuss any of them, I think we all go right way

  1. Split Fund Proposal

  2. Grants Model Proposal

  3. Another Split Fund Proposal


Wow @AlexGSG that is realy a last minute/hour candidacy.
I agree with you order of preference for the funding models. I do see you have been not much involved in the forum lately, but I understand that if you are involved in multiple interesting cryptocurrency projects you have to divide your time.

you see , I am not technical guy (not a programmer ) , so I follow all the news but was not much involeved in discussions because there are not much topics related to my skils. So it’s time to change it , with some intensification .

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Are you in the Grin Governance meeting that is now going on on Keybase? That meeting will discuss the community council candidates.