Gri̇n i̇s di̇sappeari̇ng

How can you know what needs to be private? Multiple internet identities can be linked together, if they share the same unique kind of empathy, or soul if you call it so.

This can not be true as long as the government exists since:

  1. Grin no matter how anonymous it is, to the end it will rely on the fundamental internet or any other tech infrastructure to do the communication.
    1.1 Government can enforce laws to forbid any service provider to serve Grin related activity.
    1.2 Government can also enforce laws to forbid manufacturers to produce, and deliver mining vehicles.
  2. Even Grin manages to bypass all above regulations, it will create a high enough barrier that most of the people is not able to use or would really like to use Grin. The massive general will accept the way government provides to buy and sell products.
  3. For the current progress on the usability development of Grin, I have no faith on solving 2.

Governments will ban everything anonymous. And I am sure that GRIN will not be widely used in people’s lives because people will not care if the state knows how much milk or cereal he bought.
But in the gray and even more so in the black sphere there will always be interest in a really anonymous payment method, especially GRIN is already immediately better than cash, because you get rid of the problem with storage and transportation. They say Pablo Escobar spent $2,500 in rubber bands of bills xD


Ok chill… Back to the basic idea…


So, Ethereum has gone to POS. But the hashrate of the GRIN network has not grown at all. It is a pity that the coin is not interesting to miners at all. Do I need to do something about it, is there a marketing plan?

I am not aware of all developments, I would like to know. Is work underway to improve the usability of the coin for ordinary users?

Developments and news published biweekly.

There is also Grinpost articles.

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It is Failure of the Core Grin developers they kick mainers out and sell themselves to asics manufacturer.

@GrinDarkNetBank Not sure what you mean, no one kicks anyone out, that is not even possible since mining is decentralized and any valid block is accepted. Mining is an open market for all coins, including Grin. Meaning the hashrate natural goes up and down with the price of Grin since some miners might become unprofitable. The choice for an ASIC friendly mining was not trivially made, ASICS are by far preferred for long term security. Read the documentation and discussions below to understand why Grin is ASIC friendly and why that is the right choice :owl::


Satoshi said One processor - One voice
Asic not processor.
Asic is the dictate of the manufacturer.
First plan in grin White paper was change algo every 2years from coocatoo32 to coocatoo64 to coocatoo128
Then it was chandged you chandge first Consensus of Grin coin.

Much reading comprehension failure. So anger. Wow.


Do you consider yourself successful, Tromp? ie ego. Wow

If only there were a few brave hearted people like David Tavarez…!!!