"Forest Kitten" FPGA card for memory hard PoWs

Only saw this 2-month old announcement today:



Never trust SQRL. Never buy their equipment. I have 2 BCU1525 in hands, so as 6 Acorn CLE-215+ units. I spent big enough amount to buy all that trash. Neither profitable mining and promised bitstreams for BCUs, nor even promised SQRL miner for Acorn units… :rage:

Yea Forest Kitten is looking super interesting. Units supposed to be shipping near end of month. Grin support expected in long term but I don’t think it’s expected right at launch.

For the BCUs, I recently bought more >< They are so cheap right now and x16r support is so close. I can’t believe people who have held them all this time are dumping them now. Even though bitstream development has been super slow it’s one of few devices I have that has been consistently profitable to operate. ROI is still a year or so away but this thing makes money everyday and new bitstreams come out on the regular :man_shrugging: