FOR SALE: 4 x iPollo G1 minis [used, 1 year old, excellent condition] 40k grin

selling the little buggers due to power where i am becoming unreasonably priced. Will post anywhere in the world if you pay the shipping, but i am in australia, and so these ones have the australian power cord and transformer etc.

Open to all reasonable offers on price, payment in crypto preferred.

Edit: Starting bids @ 40k grin for 4 of them. If you come close to that I will consider.

BTW @mods - not sure if this post is appropriate here sorry if it isnt.

Show some of your screenshots with your nickname please?


Lol I want to buy one or all but your name is literally Phraudsta :smiley: you still got em?


Yep still got them. DM if you want.