Fair GRIN fork - anyone willing to experiment?

There are lots of scammy Grin forks that attemted to simply clone the code and take huge premine or tax. While creators of those projects seem to have malicious intentions, the idea of trying different approach - whether it comes to emission, capping the number of coins or some other stuff seems appealing to many community members.

While suggesting yet another for might seem offensive to original devs, note that this is not my intention. I am simply curious what would happen, if someone created yet another fork, but with honest intentions - no premine, no fees, no tricky stuff. Just fork the original coin at some point and add whatever people want (change emission rate, maximum amount of coins) and see what happens. Worst case scenario the project simply falls into obscurity.

One issue might be distribution - there might be accusations that creators of such fork had initial advantage in mining etc. But what if it was not just a code fork, but rather chain fork - create such fork and let people keep their balances on both forks, ETC and ETH way.

Just for the sake of experiment and seeing if it would work or not. There were also some debates about the addresses, official/non official wallets etc. Whoever decides to do something like that could make all those decisions and create version of Grin that applies to him and check if it also applies to wider community. One thing that should be remembered though, is that it should be fair fork, so no premines, taxes etc.

Just an experiment if making official wallets, standardising the transaction way, changing the emission etc. would make such coin more appealing to the community or not. Consider it Grin testnet in a way, thay might work or might not work.

This is inevitable at some point. Some could even be buying Grin now on the assumption that one day there will be a fork at x height to a Bitcoin like emission. However, any fork is likely to decrease the value of it’s parts, so the longer the Grin community remains as one, the more potential it has in the future.

Grin > Grin + Grin xyz Fork

“The whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts


You can split Grin into an indefinite number of combinations of parts. It is definitely not clear that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts in all those cases.