Error of copy and paste in the Grin window wallet

Dear Grin developers,

My window wallet has some errors as follows

  • I blacked it but then could not copy anything in my window wallet.

  • I copied my Hotbit wallet address but could not paste into my window wallet.

I am using Grin++ on the laptop

@PhamKy Can you paste things into other applications, such as Notepad.exe? If not, your copy command isn’t working. It so, there’s something wrong on the pasting side for the wallet.

@david Are there restrictions on pasting the right text format into Grin++?

No restrictions when pasting. Not sure why it won’t paste.

@PhamKy I was actually hoping you could create a github issue, but I’ll go ahead and create one for you. Thanks for reporting this.

I have tested, my copy command is still working.

I could not sign up for an account on Github even though I tried. Thank you for " I’ll go ahead and create one for you."

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