Could grin 'borrow' UX elements from Beam?

In other words, I’m wondering if grin can act parasitically w/ pretty much just a copy/paste of beam’s flashy UX stuff (then we make it black and yellow). Sort of like litecoin does to bitcoin?

No. Grin should rather come up with its own UX framework that ideally is adopted by all wallets, at least loosely to form a visual brand and clear flows for the users. I think that Beam’s stuff is actually a bit too flashy.
I was doodling around recently in order to come up with a simple wallet design that looks grinish to me:

What I would want as a user:

  • A website that tells me clearly which wallets are safe to use
  • A descriptive, but reduced wallet UI
  • All wallet implementations should have simillar flows, or it gets confusing
  • No flashy gradient backgrounds, but high contrasts for maximum accessibility

It could quite easily steal some parts of it, but lack of “flashiness” isn’t Grin’s problem. Grin’s wallet protocol is just far inferior to Beam’s from a usability standpoint. That can’t be solved with pretty colors.

I think you mean like bitcoin will do to litecoin when it copies the MWEB? :wink:


The devs not giving a fuck about UX is a feature not a bug. This is why I love this project.

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Lol, but what is the message @Numecca? become a dentist and make people grin/grim (ᵐ‿ʷ) ?

Just dropping in to say hello. :slight_smile:


You could take a look to Grin++ after next HF it will get better… but the problem isn’t about colors and stuff, the Grin UX is completely different, kind of unique.

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the UX / UI could use more balanced love instead of how you write it down: they dont give a fuck :wink:

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Personally I think the UX is the client’s responsibility. Niffler for example, great UX, great for grin, but not a part of grin’s development.

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I think both are the responsibility of the current sitting team ( my opinion ) grin needs a simple to use average joe and tina layout for daily use, it does not need any fancy looking options, but a straight easy to use layout that is understandable and one that does not need his own support channel.

it is just a simple abc, the right foundation, the right steps, thinking less complicated when it is about the ux/ui and the rest will follow. Tesla did the same thing.

Correct me if i am wrong :wink:


right, “easy-to-use-ness” is key to success in almost every field where avarage joe comes into play to use that specific service/product.
Random examples that come to mind:

  • The Walkman (Leader in portable music-devices back in the day),
  • Windows (Leader in Personal Computing…Linux can’t compete in terms of user-count although its free)
  • iPhone (has been Leader in mobile Computing before it got rolled over by Google Android which basically just copied its great UX-Experience)
  • Amazon (Leader in E-Commerce: easy to buy stuff and send it back if it sucks)
    and so on.

Make your software / product simple to use and you will see people loving it.

Its nice to see that this topics are being openly discussed because making Grin easier to use will help vastly with adoption.


Lehnberg told in Grinhub dont expect a clean UX in the near term.

Why them? Why is it not our responsibility? The ex core guys that are getting paid are doing stuff that is currently more important and nobody else can do. It’s really not up to them, but up to us to make improvements if we want them. Funding the mobile wallet development is an example of a nice community initiative in this direction

Designing a easy to use ux/ui for Grin is not something that will take weeks or months. It just takes a few good discussions with a few ux/ui people and the current development team. Nothing more and nothing less. Don’t forget that in the end the best supported wallet is the original grin wallet. All others wallets are heavily depending on continuous updates and development. If for any reason they stop: your wallet will be useless also until they get updated.

To answer your question: Why is it not our responsibility? Because there is currently a lack of support and enthousiasme from people that are not in the the ex core team ( or ( mobile ) wallet developers )

We can all sit and wait and have endless discussions… or just debate about the ux/ui issue/problem so people become more aware about it.

Yeah, but I’m saying that the current dev team has other things to work on that need to be done and have higher priority. We all agree that ux needs improvement, the man power is too weak to tackle it now :slight_smile:

How can Grin++ be improved? The UI seems pretty straightforward to me. It’s got a bunch of features, but most are optional and hidden from the everyday user. The only complexity comes from the fact that we must support 3 different types of transactions (file, http(s), and slatepacks). The first 2 will be removed once the exchanges stop supporting them.

Grin does not have a GUI problem. It has an annoyingly complex ecosystem due to a history of poor decisions about transaction building. In order for a wallet to support all exchanges, pools, and other wallets, it has to offer the user a bunch of options, which is where the bad UX comes from.


To be honest, I do not really get the bad UX part that much. I basically never had an issue. I used Grin++ for a long time now, which is simple to use and well designed. Mining with 2miners, failed transfer for being offline just means they will send the funds later.
After http/https transfer is phased out, that is one less way to pay. Late locking will be implemented in the coming hard fork. The only major thing left to improve UX are 2 step transactions and possible non-interactive transactions which unfortunately are complex to get right and will probably be implemented in the coming year (or is this me being to optimistic).


The download size is quite large for a wallet. If a couple of MB can be shaved off, that would be great.

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