Could grin 'borrow' UX elements from Beam?

In other words, I’m wondering if grin can act parasitically w/ pretty much just a copy/paste of beam’s flashy UX stuff (then we make it black and yellow). Sort of like litecoin does to bitcoin?

No. Grin should rather come up with its own UX framework that ideally is adopted by all wallets, at least loosely to form a visual brand and clear flows for the users. I think that Beam’s stuff is actually a bit too flashy.
I was doodling around recently in order to come up with a simple wallet design that looks grinish to me:

What I would want as a user:

  • A website that tells me clearly which wallets are safe to use
  • A descriptive, but reduced wallet UI
  • All wallet implementations should have simillar flows, or it gets confusing
  • No flashy gradient backgrounds, but high contrasts for maximum accessibility

It could quite easily steal some parts of it, but lack of “flashiness” isn’t Grin’s problem. Grin’s wallet protocol is just far inferior to Beam’s from a usability standpoint. That can’t be solved with pretty colors.

I think you mean like bitcoin will do to litecoin when it copies the MWEB? :wink:

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