Comparison of fiat currency supply per year vs grin supply per year

How many countries are there in the world? Can see here.

My country is Indonesia. The currency is called Rupiah and stands for IDR. The following is a comparison of the supply of GRIN and IDR each year.

January 15, 2019 M
January 15, 2020 31,5 M (31,5 M)
January 15, 2021 63,0 M (31,5 M)
January 15, 2022 94,6 M (31,5 M)

2019 5,600,000,000 M (400,000,000 M)
2020 6,000,000,000 M (400,000,000 M)
2021 6,800,000,000 M (800,000,000 M)
2022 7,600,000,000 M (800,000,000 M)

Data: (

1 GRIN = 5,700 IDR
Data: (, December 27, 2020)

It is clear that no matter the calculation, however complicated it is, fiat money will one day experience a weakening of its purchasing power because it is printed too much and the supply every year is only a projection. There is no exact amount that can be checked like code in crypto currency. Percentage of the inflation is not a good way to measure money, you need to measure how many base 1 simple closest basic unit (scale) of the currency in this case 1 IDR or 1 GRIN. You can’t easily compare 1 IDR or 1 GRIN with different measure scale like 1 Gram of Silver or Gold.

How do I convert local currency into crypto currency? Of course, We must have a local exchange that functions as a fiat gateway. In Indonesia there are 13 exchanges that operate under the regulation of government agencies, especially the two largest exchanges, namely:

  1. Indodax
  2. Tokocrypto shop

Unfortunately, both exchanges don’t want to list GRIN yet for whatever reason. It wouldn’t be a problem for GRIN, if only a local miner was willing to sell GRIN directly by opening a local fiatgateway or something. Another way is to use the two exchanges to convert into crypto which can be an intermediary to be deposited to an outside exchange that has listed GRIN by considering the cheapest withdrawal/deposit fees, before buying GRIN and finally GRIN can be sent to an available android or pc wallet with a standard slatepacks address (GRIN ++, Ironbelly, or Nifflér).

Grin production is only 31,5 million per year, while the production of USD or Euro or IDR is uncertain, which can be billions or even trillions per year. In terms of the amount of production, We simply mean that it is not feasible if Grin will be worth below 1 USD in the future. We also see many coins or tokens launched with a total supply of billions at initial launch, value more than 1 USD as comparison. Exchange rate will automatically be adjusted between the seller and the buyer due to particular needs and the existing supply.

What is real value? Value is the purchasing power that money has that could be exchange for goods or service. The most important thing for a coin that can function as a new currency for all countries in the world that the new currency has its own “value” as a guarantee of human survival and can be obtained with a certain amount of workload from anywhere without the interference of the government and the ruling cartel.

One very unique way is to produce GRIN in every home with a cheap ASIC machine. If only this cheap machine became a trend for the whole world population, it would be very attractive because of its low wattage. It would be very interesting too, if the price could be cheaper than the current price (in USD).

And last but not least, use ur GRIN (crypto) money for daily transactions like Nassim said:

What about your country?

(My English is not good but I think you will get the points)