Community Council 6th Member Candidate: Cekickafa Cobragrin

I want to thank to Grin Community and Grin Community Council members, for nominating me in this governance duty. I am really honored. We all know know @Paouky, thanks for his contributions and work for Grin, he says he has less time. I am sure he will be around in the future.

Other candidates; @johndavies24 I respect his passion about Grin and his knowledge about tech. We all witnessed. And @Mokhtar, he is the one who made a merchant deal with Grin, his Grin passion cant be questioned as well. They both get my vote with ease. I would be happy if they get elected instead of me.

I am familiar with Grin since 2019. What got me interested about Grin,

Decentralized, peer to peer, private just like cash. For struggling with ICO and several useless projects, Grin looked liked to me something between gold and bitcoin. I was so excited when I started to research, dived deep and deeper. Still I am here, as all of you.

My toughts about Grin Future

''To be used by anyone, anywhere
Without censorship or restrictions. ‘’

I am into supporting every tiny letter, that will realize this motto. Grin should enter people’s daily life like cash and never exit. For me long term aim is Grin will have the entry barrier for an average user, with staying safe and neutral, become more decentralized than Bitcoin due to its monetary policy.

For funding decisions my priority will be;

  1. Is that project funding works for GRIN long term with safety or temporary?
  2. Lowers the entry barrier for an average user, increase usability?
  3. Commitment and passion, delivering the request on time ?
  4. Makes GRIN more decentralized or centralized?

My priority is always Grin usable by everyone secure way all over the world, especially help people like me UNBANKED.
I am in favor of every idea idea of Grin *usability, decentralization,*developments that doesnt hinders security of GRIN blockchain.
With funding e-commerce, shopify style, payment applications, GRIN ecosystem can grow multiply and fullfill its real mission- Electronic cash.
We need to reset and shake off ourselves, and bring back the enthusiasm and excitement to the GRIN, as before 2019. I believe Grin devs, Grin Community Council and Community, we all can achieve this together, working with harmony.

Thank you all in advance.

No drama, Just Grin