Announcement: Cekickafa will become Mokhtars representative in the Community Council

Community Council member M@Mokhtar indicated a while back that he has less time available for his duties than he wished he had. After discussing it with @Cobragrin he volunteered to become his representative in the Community Council from now on.

What this means?

  • @Mokhtar will stay as key-holder to the Grin BTC wallet and will sign transactions when requested.
  • @Cobragrin will represent Mokhtar’s vote in day to day discussions, governance and voting.

This is an important step towards a more active Community Council and a good opportunity to try out the council duties for @Cobragrin. Perhaps if he likes it he will join for the elections to become a full CC member in the future.
Thanks for all you hard work so far @Mokhtar :pray:and thank you @Cobragrin for volunteering to step up, time to work :muscle:.


Thank you very much. I believe @Mokhtar will engage in the future, when he is available. I will do my absolute best to represent him.

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