Coins built from scratch

This is the list of cryptocurrency projects that have source code of the main components written from ground up: eg: no fork, no clone, and not built on top of a specific project such as bitcoin.

I put it here to remind all of us that build a cryptocurrency from scratch is incredibly hard. So creators and developers are working hard on it are worthy a lot of praise.

Thank you to who had the first idea and research data on coins built from the scratch and @johntromp

In this list, whoever the author, who has taken so much headache to study and collect data, many great thanks. Until now there are only 98 or 99 coins built from scratch.



I suggest Coinsbit and Rapids

The rapids here?

I’m not an expert, but take a quick look at the source code, this coin is fork of Bitcoin too. From Pivx.

Did you mean Coinsbit Exchange?

(Oh, I understand, you mean an exchange to answer a wd-supported exchange question with a slatepack address)

Sorry, i want to write Cruzbit.

Coindab shows that the coin idea is genuine, but that it’s not progressing well enough. There has been very little developer activity and almost no updates on Github for the last 90 days or so. Maybe stuck? Who knows.

If you have noticed, many other coins have been recorded as having better dev activity. If we take a closer look at the bitcointalk forum, there are coins even though they have original ideas, but haven’t launched the mainnet, some have very severe technical problems and even in practice are defunct, some have turned into ponzi schemes and many other historical records. LOL. It was very interesting to me to observe it.

And you can compare it with Grin, progress is very good, not slow, not too fast, measured and careful.

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,There has been very little developer activity and almost no updates on Github for the last 90 days or so. Maybe stuck? Who knows."

If is not broke, dont try to fix.

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I read somewhere that if you want to enter crypto Mining now using GPUs or ASICs better do Hard Disk mining of FileCoin and Storj. He proved it is profitable and Filecoin is among the top coins in the coindab article.

Edit: Here it is

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In theory, currently 1 ASIC G1 Mini (1.4 Gps) will generate 80 USD profit / month with a capital of around 600 USD (price per unit plus shipping cost).

Say, friend above mining with hard drives came in with an initial capital equal to 500 to 600 USD, how much does he get a month? And is it constant? Or can it fluctuate?

Lol. Mining for “little man” is very difficult indeed. :grin:

Filecoin mining report. Not good.

Storj mining profitability. Headache.

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Thanks for the Input mate! Was looking out for it. Thanks again

BUT, G1 Mini will become trash in 1 month as G1 will enter the space. I was having some Minis for resale and not a single soul completed the deal at the base price because they were telling the same, the profitability will fall drastically soon.

Storj is way better than Filecoin as Filecoin needs Heavy investment in the hardware

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Yes. The current capability of the G1 Mini is 1/30 G1 (1,4/42 Gps), with the assumption that Gps is the same as Hashrate, it is necessary to periodically increase the number of G1 Mini in order to remain profitable, and of course the cost increase.

I’m not good at mining, and know very little. I suppose with the C32 as the sole algo later, are the other ASIC Miner manufacturers not trying to create a new Miner with more than 1/30 G1 power at a cheaper price? Maybe one day they could.

They’re almost entirely equivalent, a G1 is just 30 G1 Minis in a more compact enclosure, and priced accordingly. So your comment makes no sense to me.