[closed] - Additional Student wanted with JavaScript / Python skills for 4-6 week project at Grinnode.live

We are looking for another additional Student to help us (Grinnode.live) expand small part of our infrastructure.

What you should be able to do:

  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Linux skill would be nice :slight_smile:

We will show you how Grinnode.live works from the inside and give you the opportunity working independent on some pre-defined tasks. Its a good opportunity getting some experience in small to medium size Linux infrastructures.

possible Tasks:

  • Grinnode.live Website

  • Working on API (JavaScript + Python) making reorg attacks public.
    This would require program a small parser which goes through the central-logging server and sends data to the central database and then display is using a newly created API endpoint.
    (API-GITHUB is private at the moment, due to missing security audit of code)

Resources will be given to you, based on the tasks.

Normal student rate in GRIN or BTC.

Please contact us if you interested


Thank you for all the contact. For now I am closing this request.
Will reopen it once we need more help. :+1: