Can not open port 3414

Can not open port 3414.
i have added my mac address and LAN IP from ipconfig in CMD and also i found in setting to the modem Static address.
Then i add port 3414 and UDP and TCP also add my LAN IP
but when i chek my port is says port closed.
I also added 8444 port for another crypto called chia and none of them are added.
I do not use VPN.
i use a Ethernet cat5 to connect my modem
my win version=win 10 pro 2004 pirated Edition
my modem=TP Link MR6400 4g tdlte and LTE
i live in IRAN does it matter witch country you live?
here is photo of my modem setting also can someone finde me with that Internal IP?

Configure firewall rules to allow 3414/tcp port traffic.

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If you under the NAT, it may not work even if you configured port forwarding on your router, depends on your provider configuration.
The solution is to buy a VPN(e.g. and put your traffic through it and configure port forwarding on VPN service. Or you can buy a cheap VPS and configure VPN and port forwarding there.

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sorry but i could not find anything about firewall also i searched in youtube it would be nice if you give a tuturial

does vpn app has such and option for port forwarding or i just connect to a vpn and then configure portforwarding in router setting again

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nope does not work

Did you check it? Go to Open Port Check Tool - Test Port Forwarding on Your Router while you run grinnode

yes i cheked
i enterd my lan ip
and also current ip