Can I copy grin folder to run?

I’m depolying grin node to another vps, but I don’t like to run the syncing from the beginning since it takes hours. I copied the whole folder of a running grin node, i.e. .grin/main to other place and started grin node from it, but sometimes it works sometime doesn’t, although the copy procedure is identical. Did I miss some hidden files?

If I remember correctly, you first have to start the sync process, wait for a minute or so that so some config files are created, peers etc. Then exit the node, wait till it shutdown and copy in the chain_data folder. In this way you also make sure the different nodes only share the chain data, not their peers. Do you use the same OS for both node instances? I had some issues before when trying to copy chain data from a node run on Linux to run an archive node on Windows.

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You should never do that. You should start the new node, connect to the P2P network, and let the node to download and validate the chain.

Ok. It makes sense if node is not designed to run with an exisiting chain_data folder.

It is not really designed to do that, but you can right?
For archive nodes, it is the only way to get the full chain, by copying someone else’s chain-data folder and then running the node.