API for remote calls

Hi, i created a mini game on nano where user can send little amount to our QR code and they have 50% chance to win 1.5 x and 50% chance to win 0.5x . It’s a 0 sum game and there is no fees. Moreover, there is limit of 0.01 nano because it’s for educational content only. I offer must of the time the sample (0.001) to play. It s a very good way to make people processing their first crypto transaction without hustle.
If would like operating the same with GRIN, i need some more information
-it’s private so i can’t track the receiver and send it back the amount but i would have no problem to do it on a trust way. If people say they have send it and i see the amount arriving i will process the game and if 2 people claim sending for 1 receiving, i will make playing both of them on my funding. This way i simplify the problem of identification of players.
-the main problem is, what are the third party API to interact with grin? If i have to disclose private key is not a problem, amount will be very low

Hope i made my vision clear for all

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